Former “MIZUKAN” Comai announces her “first child pregnancy and de facto marriage! She told this magazine about her “uninhibited love” and “Takeshi-ism. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former “MIZUKAN” Comai announces her “first child pregnancy and de facto marriage! She told this magazine about her “uninhibited love” and “Takeshi-ism.

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Com-ai invites a reporter from this magazine, who directly interviewed her, into her home to help her move in.

Artist and former vocalist of “Wednesday no Campanella,” Komuai (30), recently announced on her Instagram page that she is pregnant with her first child.

I’m pregnant now…I’ve got a living thing living in the tank I’m carrying in my belly!

She reported her pregnancy with the characteristic expression, “I’m pregnant now… I’m pregnant now… I’m pregnant now. She wrote that she and her boyfriend, Mitsumi Ota, a film director and cultural anthropologist, have no intention of registering their marriage and would like to build a relationship based solely on mutual trust. She also expressed her resistance to changing her name and her support for same-sex marriage and a selective married name. She has been a maverick since her debut and has maintained an instinctive and unabashed style that has attracted attention with her unique charm since that time, and this magazine has twice reported on her freewheeling “love history” with such a unique outlook on life.

In the July 22, 2004 issue of “FRIDAY,” Takeshi-san is the one who is most often mentioned in the magazine.

Com.eye shows a relieved expression as she says, “I’m glad I’m not cheating on my husband.

In 2004, Com Eye was living together in an apartment in Tokyo. Her male partner was an illustrator and translator. He had lived abroad for a long time and had a global outlook, and she may have been attracted to his way of life. In response to a direct interview in this magazine, she said, “Oh, if this is the case, I should have done it right,

I should have worn proper makeup if I had to do that!

she replied. She also admitted to living together with Mr. K, but clearly stated that she has not thought about marriage yet. She then added, “I’m glad I’m not cheating on him,

I’m glad I didn’t cheat on him.

She then expressed her relief, saying, “I’m glad I’m not cheating on him,

I am not! It’s just that if people write about me living with someone, I’ll lose my popularity. No, I don’t want to become unpopular when I find someone I like. No, no, no, I’m not cheating! But, ‘What’s going on with (this person’s love life)?’ But you want to keep it a mystery, don’t you?

He laughs with a wry smile. He adds, “Let’s eat something delicious!

Let’s eat something delicious!

and invited the reporter to a Chinese restaurant. There, Com’ai said, “Speaking of FRIDAY (beat), I’d like to meet Ms. Takesan,

Speaking of FRIDAY, Takeshi (Beat) is the one you want to talk about, isn’t he? I saw Takeshi’s press conference on YouTube after the FRIDAY incident (in 1986) and thought it was too cool! He didn’t hide anything and talked about himself so openly and honestly. I admire people like that!

He said with a passionate tone,

“Oh, can I order shark fin?

He laughed innocently.

I’m moving, so please help me (laugh).” (August 3, 2006 issue)

Com.eye walking hand in hand

The second time was in 2006. On a variety show, she revealed her home address and confessed to having a new foreign lover. He is a CG animation and game creator, and is a well-known artist who has participated in U2 and Spike Jonze’s films. The magazine caught the two making out at a convenience store in Tokyo, buying ice cream, and returning to their love nest. Com’ai spent more than half of the week with him. When we visited Com’ai’s residence to ask how they got together, she invited the reporter to join her.

Hello, it’s been a while (laughs). I still have your business card (that you gave me before). Oh, would you like to come over to my house?”

The reporter pointed out her relationship with the man,

I thought he wouldn’t be coming back! I thought he wouldn’t come over anymore. That’s why I told you first (on TV).

He laughed in a hearty tone. He then invited the reporter to his house,

I’m moving and I need a man to help me…please help me.”

She smiled with the same innocent smile as ever.

Com.eye is an unconventional artist who continues to pursue her own unique image of women. Now that she has a child, she is entering a new stage of her life. I wonder if her pursuit of originality and novelty and her activities in a variety of fields embody Takeshi-ism. We would like to continue to support her ongoing evolution.

Com’ai’s personal clothes are also unique, whether they are all pink or see-through!
I’m moving, and I need a man’s help…please help me,” said Com’ai. After this, this reporter helped her move in.
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