Financial assistance to Gershie suspect “may be suspected of evading the culprit…” Police “attack on soldiers” for depletion of fugitive funds | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Financial assistance to Gershie suspect “may be suspected of evading the culprit…” Police “attack on soldiers” for depletion of fugitive funds

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Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” who became a suspect after being “expelled” from the House of Councillors (from his official YouTube channel)

The suspect, Yoshikazu Higashitani, who became a “wanted man” as soon as he was expelled from the House of Councillors, is about to face a “war of attrition.

The suspect was expelled from the House of Councillors on March 15. The police were waiting for him, and obtained an arrest warrant for him on charges such as violating the Violent Acts Punishment Law (habitual threats) by threatening and slandering three celebrities, including actor Go Ayano.

The next day, the National Police Agency requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to order Gershie to return his passport. If he does not return his passport, he will become an “illegal alien” and may be subject to arrest abroad.

In addition, the authorities are putting pressure on him through Interpol, saying, ‘We’re going to put out an international manhunt. I get the impression that they are playing one card after another, and it is clear that they are very angry.

The suspect in question, Gershie, said.

“I have made up my mind not to return to Japan.

and has declared that he has fled the country. He has also announced that he has moved to a new house in Dubai.

The key question for now is whether the Dubai authorities will cooperate in the arrest of Ghasi. Even the experts are divided on this issue.

The UAE has a long history of accepting “known persons” from around the world. The UAE has a history of accepting people of “repute” from all over the world and granting them long-term visas (golden visas), regardless of their backgrounds, as long as they have money. It is well known that after the invasion of Ukraine, Russian conglomerates rushed to Dubai, fearing Western sanctions.

If they join the investigation of Ghashy, such “known figures” with money will leave Dubai en masse. This could also reduce the source of Dubai’s economic strength,” said a source in the financial industry.

On the other hand, Dubai has recently been tightening its control of money laundering and criminals’ “hideouts” in recent years.

The extradition is limited to serious crimes such as financial crimes, murder, drug trafficking, and terrorist acts, but the “Ghassi case” is almost a “national policy” in which the reputation of the Japanese police is at stake. However, the “Gershie case” is almost like a national policy that is a matter of the Japanese police’s honor. Dubai may cooperate with the police behind the scenes, since it is not worth the trouble for Dubai to turn in a small person like Gershie.

Gershey may run out of “fugitive funds” in the future.

It is said that he “earned over 100 million yen” from YouTube videos and membership salons, but in Dubai, which is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, this is a bit unreliable. The membership salon “GASYLE,” which is his main source of income, has recently been receiving an endless number of requests for membership withdrawal.

The main source of income is the membership salon “GASYLE,” but recently there has been no end to the number of people who have requested to cancel their membership. They say, ‘I’m going to do something about this guy sooner or later, including evidence,’ but they don’t do it. They may have scandals from the past, but they are weak on what is happening in real time” (former male member).

Now that he has become a suspect, further damage to his credibility is inevitable.

I hear that the annual maintenance cost is tens of millions of yen since the salon is built from scratch. However, if a sponsor or a group of friends were to provide financial support, that person would be accused of concealing the crime.

It’s a kind of war on the military, and even if he does well now, he will probably dry up as time goes by.

He pointed out. Gershie claims to have connections to “Dubai royalty,” but he can’t pull in that kind of money.

In addition to the charges of blackmail and defamation, the authorities were at one time carefully investigating the flow of Gershie’s funds. There is a possibility that the “real” part of the case is something else.

At any rate, it is clear that Gershie is being pushed into a corner.

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