Stalled by divorce…Jessica Michibata “passionately kissed a Formula 1 racer with assets of 11.4 billion” in a pure white wedding at a luxurious wedding | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Stalled by divorce…Jessica Michibata “passionately kissed a Formula 1 racer with assets of 11.4 billion” in a pure white wedding at a luxurious wedding

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Jessica and Button in Hawaii in December ’14 (PHOTO: Backgrid/Afro).

In pure white wedding attire, she kissed her beloved partner.

How does the arrested fashion model suspect look back on “that time” when she was happy?

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Anti-Drug and Firearms Division arrested Jessica Michibata (38) by March 20 on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Special Measures Law. A customs official found the synthetic drug MDMA hidden in her luggage arriving at Narita Airport from overseas. Upon receiving a report, investigators raided a luxury hotel in Roppongi, Tokyo, where the package was being sent, and arrested Jessica and a male acquaintance in his 40s who was with Jessica.

The man is believed to be an American producer with whom Jessica is in a relationship, as her sister Karen commented on SNS, “We are sorry for the trouble our sister and her husband have caused. The man is her partner and is not married; MDMA is also known as a “sex drug” and is said to promote excitement and hallucinations. Jessica and the man she knows deny the charges.

Recently, Jessica has not been doing any significant entertainment activities in Japan. She was based in the U.S. and leading a spiritual life. On her social networking site, she recently posted the following. Even the poison (of South American frogs) is a wonderful medicine for humans. This medicine scans every part of the body and finds where healing is needed.

Jessica’s stall was probably triggered by her divorce from Jenson Button (43), a British former Formula 1 racer who is said to have assets of 11.4 billion yen. FRIDAY” (January 23, ’15 issue) reported on the gorgeous wedding they had in Hawaii. We would like to recount the happy moments of Jessica’s life (with some corrections).

Jessica’s Marriage Suffering

Jessica and Button (center; PHOTO: Backgrid/Afro) at their ceremony in Hawaii in December ’14.

White sand beaches, blue ocean, sunshine, and beautiful women in dresses. ……

This is a scene from Jessica and Button’s wedding in Hawaii on December 29, 2002. Karen, the eldest of the “Three Michibata Sisters,” and Angelica, the third, also celebrated their union. They added a touch of color to the occasion.

The couple met in February 2006 through an acquaintance. They started dating at the end of that year. They broke up once in May ’10, but got back together after about two months and became engaged in February ’14. The wedding was held in Maui, Hawaii, with about 100 close relatives invited.

According to the Sunday Times, Button’s total assets were approximately 11.43 billion yen. At the time, he was ranked second on the list of the richest British athletes. However, Button has been slow to propose to Jessica.

Jessica, who wanted to get married, put pressure on Button and went through a lot of trouble. She started triathlons, which Button was passionate about, and taught her to get lucky with a spiritual counselor. …… After all these efforts, they finally got married.

Jessica had the biggest smile on her face at her wedding. However, their marriage did not last long. They divorced after about a year due to constant conflict. Jessica moved her base of operations to the U.S. and became less active in Japan, leading to her arrest this time. The shock was so great that it has caused a ripple effect not only on her sister and younger sister but also on the entire entertainment industry.

Sisters Angelica, Jessica, and Karen at their wedding from left to right.
Button and Jessica on their honeymoon in January ’15.
Button and Jessica on their honeymoon in January ’15.
December ’13, Button and Jessica participated in a triathlon together.
Jessica and Button enjoying a date in June ’14
The two of them in October ’13
Jessica came to Australia to watch Button compete in March ’15
  • PHOTO. Backgrid/Afro Reuters/Afro Splash/Afro AP/Afro

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