The lack of a point of reference is not enough… “Soar! and “Chimu Dongdan” have a decisive difference in brightness and darkness. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The lack of a point of reference is not enough… “Soar! and “Chimu Dongdan” have a decisive difference in brightness and darkness.

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Fukuhara interviewed by “FRIDAY” in December ’22

As we enter the final stages of the project, the gap between “Chimu Doton” and “Chimu Doton” is clearly opening up …… . Currently airing on NHK NHK morning drama “Soar! .

The story is about Mai Iwakura (Haruka Fukuhara), the main character born and raised in Higashi Osaka. 24 The story is about Mai Iwakura (Haruka Fukuhara, 24), who was born and raised in Higashi-Osaka, and after dreaming of becoming a pilot, starts a company that connects factories in Higashi-Osaka and connects people to the future. Mai is a perfect heroine who is hardworking, sincere, and polite from start to finish. Haruka Fukuhara, who plays the role, is also a perfect fit for Mai’s character, as she has a reputation in the industry as a “very nice girl. With no flaming elements in sight, fans of the morning dramas will continue to watch the show without leaving. …… The situation seems to be different from what you might think.

The editor of a TV magazine said, “Unfortunately, the show is coming to the end of its run.

Unfortunately, the ratings are declining toward the end of the season. It’s not that the main character is getting older and the story is getting darker, or that the story has lost its movement and has become dull. Mai is cute and the actors are all likable. But for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to be getting any more exciting.

Watching Dramas to “Reflect

Yuna Kuroshima (right) played the heroine in “Chimu Doton. On the left is Kengo Kora, with whom she was dating at the time. Photo taken in June ’20.

What is the reason for this? When we interviewed reporters familiar with the drama scene, we found, for better or worse, a difference from the previous season’s morning drama, “Chimu Doton.

In short, “Soar! is too honorable and has no hooks. Chimu Doddan, which depicted the growth of the main character from Okinawa through cooking, had many things to criticize, such as the selfishness of the main character, the lack of ethics of the people around him, and the inconsistency of the script.

So much so that everyone was eager to say something about it, and even a hashtag “Chimu-Don-Don’s reflection meeting” was created. This resulted in a rise in viewer ratings toward the end of the show. To write a complaint, you have to watch the work (laughs). (Laughs) I was not able to see the film.

But “Soar! is not so much funny as it is extremely sympathetic, nor is it impossible! It is not so much funny that you can relate to it, nor is there anything that says, “This is impossible! Since morning dramas are aired for as long as six months, they must have an axis, good or bad, to keep their viewers. In terms of this strategy, I would have to say that “Chimudo-don” was better than “Chimudo”.

Another problem that many of the journalists pointed out was the inconsistency of the main character’s dreams.

In the beginning, Mai is attracted to the sky and joins a human-powered flying club at university, but from there she enrolls in an aviation school to fly passenger planes. After undergoing rigorous training, she successfully qualified as a pilot. From here, however, it suddenly becomes a different story. When his father dies and his family’s screw manufacturing company is about to go out of business, he simply turns down an offer to work for an airline and begins to support his mother, who has taken over the company.

When the company finally gets back on track, he starts a new company of his own to save a factory in Higashiosaka, and struggles to make it work again. …… The result is that he is now a “businessman”. But now I’m not sure what my original dream was,” says the columnist. columnist)

In fact, the Internet is rife with questions such as, “Was it really necessary to go on for so long about my aviation school days? (columnist) “In fact, the Internet is rife with questions such as, ‘Was it really necessary to go on for so long about the aviation school days?

In that respect, “Chimu Doton” is a very interesting story, because of the main character’s cooking to make people happy. The main character’s dream of “making people happy through cooking” was consistent from beginning to end. I think that’s why the character of the main character was so ‘badass’ in a good way and kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. You never really know how things will turn out,” he said.

There are only two weeks left in the story. It may be a bit of a rush, but it seems that Mai has once again rekindled her longing for the sky and is moving toward a new dream. We look forward to the last spurt.

In May 2009, Fukuhara participated in her first fan event in two years. She has been popular since she was a child actress, but now she has become an adult woman. ……
Hiromi Nagasaku (right) plays the role of a wife who supports her husband who works at a factory in Higashiosaka. On the left is her real husband, filmmaker Maro Naito. Taken in May ’21.
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