Kei Komuro and Mako Komuro, who are reportedly looking for a new house, have a smoldering “financial problem” behind their mother Kayo Komuro’s inability to come to the U.S. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro and Mako Komuro, who are reportedly looking for a new house, have a smoldering “financial problem” behind their mother Kayo Komuro’s inability to come to the U.S.

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Kei Komuro and Mako Mako reportedly “looking for a new home” in New York

Once again, Kayo’s movements are attracting attention.

A reporter in charge of the Imperial Household at a national newspaper explains the reason for this.

The reason for this is that Kei has officially started his practice as a lawyer in New York. Even on the website of the law firm where he works, his profile has changed from legal assistant to lawyer.

Although it is difficult to make a blanket statement due to variations in the way it is reported, it is said that an annual income of more than 20 million yen is solid for a lawyer in the state of New York. Furthermore, it is said that the top 10% of attorneys earn more than 40 million yen a year, which means that he and Mako will finally be able to afford to live together.

Amidst all this, reports of the Komuro couple’s “search for a new home” popped up. In February of this year, the couple visited a luxury condominium in New Jersey, next door to New York State, to preview it.

It is natural to assume that they are moving to a larger and more upgraded apartment than their current one in order for Kayo to join them. It is also likely that the couple will be able to raise enough money to pay for Kayo’s living expenses.

It is said that Kayo has always had a strong desire to live abroad, and that she had hoped to live abroad someday. Why on earth?

It has been pointed out that there may be a “financial problem” involved.

Mr. X, a goldsmith (now in his 70s) with whom she has been dating since around 2002 and who used to live with the Komuro family, including Kei, may be trying to “recover” money from her. Although she was in trouble with her former fiancé for having borrowed over 4 million yen from him, Kayo was providing for Mr. X, who was unemployed at the time and had no income.

However, last year, she demanded as much as 16 million yen in living expenses and alimony that she spent for Ms. X during the period of their relationship. The demand was so high and obviously out of line with market prices that Ms. X reportedly consulted the police.

Kayo claimed that she “paid tribute” to Mr. X. In fact, during the period of her relationship with Mr. X, another “money problem” allegation surfaced.

I heard that the Komuro family was receiving a pension from Kayo’s father and a survivor’s pension from her husband, who has since passed away. However, the right to receive a survivor’s pension can be revoked if the surviving wife remarries or is found to be effectively married to a new man.

Since Mr. X lived with the Komuro family for a period of time and had the same livelihood, there is a possibility that he could be recognized as being in a de facto marriage. In other words, Ms. Kayo is suspected of “illegally receiving her husband’s survivor’s pension. Since it is a rule that the entitlement to receive the pension is not restored even after the marriage is no longer a de facto marriage, it is calculated that she has received more than 20 million yen in survivor’s pension since she lived with Mr. X.” (A legal expert)

It has been some time since the claim for living expenses and alimony for Mr. X and the alleged fraudulent receipt of the survivor’s pension were discovered, but there still seems to be no progress.

The Komuro’s occasionally report to Kayo about what is going on with their relationship via online calls, and the relationship is said to be good. Both financially and in terms of the relationship between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, they are probably in a perfect position to accept the situation.

However, it may be difficult for Kayo to come to the U.S. and join her son and his wife until all the reported financial problems are taken care of. ……

When will Kayo clear her name from the numerous allegations of financial troubles flying around her, and when will she leave for her son and daughter-in-law?

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