Yutaka Yamazaki, Mayuko Wakuda, Yue Takeuchi… Momma Announcers “Pure White Wedding & Happy Date for the Birth of Their Beloved Child” Photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yutaka Yamazaki, Mayuko Wakuda, Yue Takeuchi… Momma Announcers “Pure White Wedding & Happy Date for the Birth of Their Beloved Child” Photos

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In March ’18, “Kotobuki” directly after joining the company. Announcer Yamazaki smiles with a bouquet of flowers from a reporter.

Fuji Television’s Yutaka Yamazaki (35) is about to give birth to “Obata’s child.

On March 16, “Sankei Sports,” “Nikkan Sports,” and other media reported that Yamazaki is pregnant with her first child. She has already entered a stable period and is expected to give birth this summer.

Yamazaki, who joined Fuji in April 2010, has been nicknamed “Yamapan” because of her cheerful and friendly character. She currently makes regular appearances on “Mr. Sunday” and “Wide Nah Show” and narrates “Hitoshi Matsumoto no sake no tsumami ni naru hanashi,” but she will soon be leaving the program and going on maternity leave,” says a Fuji TV employee.

(Fuji Television employee) After overcoming the big trouble of her husband Obata’s affair with her brother, Yamazaki got married in March 2006. In March 2006, Yamazaki married her husband, Obata’s older brother, and he changed his mind, reporting his daily schedule to Yamazaki. Yamazaki forgave her for her “mortal sin.

She is not the only female announcer who has found happiness through pregnancy and childbirth: NHK’s Mayuko Wakuda (34) and Nahoko Suzuki (41), former TV Asahi employees Yue Takeuchi (37) and Ayaka Ogawa (38), Yurika Mita (35), who will leave Fuji at the end of March, and NTV’s Natsuki Taki (29). …. We would like to introduce the aura of these “mama-announcers” by showing them in their pure white weddings, on lovey-dovey dates, and in other treasured photos.

Her partner is a star of the Hakone Ekiden (relay race) at Waseda University.

Anna Wakuda is chatting with a friend in front of the after-party venue. The groom next to her, a former ekiden athlete, is a handsome man who looks like actor Hayato Ichihara. Taken in August 2007.

I’m very excited to be assigned to a news program for the first time in a year.

NHK’s Anna Wakuda made the comment on February 8. After giving birth to her first child, she left “News Watch 9” in April last year. After completing her childcare leave, it was decided that she would return to “News 7” this April.

Wakuda’s partner is a “celebrity in the world of athletics,” and their wedding took place in August of 2007. This magazine caught a glimpse of Anna Wakuda at her pure white wedding, which was full of an aura of happiness. Let’s take a look back at what it was like back then (content has been partially edited).

It was after 10 p.m., when the daytime heat was still lingering. In front of a large commercial building in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, there was Anna Wakuda in a white wedding dress.

On that day, Anna Wakuda held her wedding ceremony at a luxury hotel in Chiyoda Ward. The reception ended in the evening, and the after-party was held at a bar lounge in Nihonbashi. Not only at the reception, but also at the after-party, Anna Wakuda showed off her wedding dress. The back of the dress was wide open, and everyone in attendance exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful! (Wakuda’s acquaintance).

Wakuda has not publicly announced her marriage, but it is said that she entered the registry in February of the same year. Her partner is said to be a “civilian,” but he is a well-known figure in the track and field world.

He is a star athlete in Waseda University’s track and field team. Not only was he famous as one of the most handsome men in the world of ekiden, but he also contributed greatly to Waseda University’s victory in the 2011 Hakone Ekiden (relay relay race), in a dead heat with Ryuji Kashiwabara of Toyo University, the “God of the Mountain”. After graduating from university, he joined one of the five major trading companies. He met Anna Wakuda through a friend after he entered the workforce.

The guests who attended the ceremony were a splendid group, as they were the envy of the elite.

The wedding ceremony was attended by many people, including Wataru Abe, the male anchor of “Ohayo Nippon” (Good Morning Japan) on which Wakuda appeared at the time, and Mitsunori Uehara, a good friend of Wakuda’s. “On the groom’s side was a trading company tycoon,” said Mr. Uehara. The groom’s side was attended by the bigwigs from the trading company and other members of the winning team of the Hakone Ekiden relay race. Yasuyuki Watanabe, who was the coach of the race team when he was a student, was also there.

I spend my busy but fulfilling days raising my children, doing household chores, and working. …… The mama female announcers spend their busy but fulfilling days. They are becoming more and more attractive and seem to be entering a period of maturity.

September 2004. Announcer Takeuchi at work in the morning.
Nahoko Suzuki leaving a restaurant after a “girls’ night out” with friends in Shibuya in February 2007.
Announcer Natsuki Taki heading to Skytree, holding hands tightly with her husband. Announced her pregnancy last November.
Ayaka Ogawa gave birth to her first child in July ’20
NHK’s Asahi Inoue (far right) was reported as pregnant by Sankei Sports last March.
Former Fuji TV announcer Hitomi Nakamura went shopping with her husband, Kazuki Otake of “Samasazu”, as a family.
Fuji’s Mita gave birth to her first child by mid-March.
Former Yomiuri TV announcer Hiromi Kawada (far left) is blessed with two children.
Yamazaki overcame her husband’s infidelity.
Announcer Wakuda and her colleague Maho Kuwako
Takeuchi announces the birth of her first child in February ’21
Announcer Ayaka Ogawa gave birth to her first child in July ’20
September ’16. Announcer Takeuchi at work in the morning
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