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The Day Kei Komuro’s Mother Kayo Becomes Mako’s “Stage Mom” in the US

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Kei Komuro is expected to marry Princess Mako by the end of this year. He is said to be living in New York with his mother, Kayo…

Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, has been confirmed to marry Kei Komuro within the year. The mother of Komuro, Kayo, has always been surrounded by trouble.

Ms. Kayo has had financial troubles with her former fiancé, Mr. A, and her son, Mr. Komuro, has responded by confronting Mr. A. There are several other allegations against Ms. Kayo, such as the alleged fraudulent receipt of her late husband’s survivor’s pension, the alleged opaque inheritance, her application for work-related injuries without any witnesses, and her still continuing absenteeism.

In the midst of all this, the September 2 issue of Shukan Shincho reported a new allegation of fraudulent receipt of sickness benefits. It is said that she was working at a different place while taking a leave of absence in 2006.

“The common denominator in Kayo’s suspicions is money. It is true that raising a son with only one hand may have been a hardship, but there is a possibility that she may have violated the law, and I think she should be held accountable.

Since the royal family is getting married, we can’t just overlook this. It is said that not only Princess Mako but also Kayo and her grandfather Kunimitsu may follow her to the U.S.” (Imperial Household Journalist)

It is said that Mako has even offered to withdraw from receiving the lump-sum payment of more than 100 million yen associated with her withdrawal from the imperial family, and has made the decision not to use the people’s tax money. However, even if he declines, there is no precedent for this, as the Constitution stipulates that the money be paid. Even if they decide not to take the money, it may not be a straightforward matter.

“Even if the lump-sum payment is eventually given, the fact that he had once offered to turn it down was meaningful in itself. Even if the lump sum is paid out in the end, it would be meaningful to know that she has turned it down.

According to some reports, Mako is devoted to Kayo, who has raised Komuro well. Some reports say that Mako is devoted to Kayo, who has raised Komuro well. Mako may be looking forward to living with Kayo in New York as well as Komuro.

This reminds me of Prince Henry and Princess Meghan, the couple who left the British royal family. They have signed a multi-year contract with the video distribution service Netflix for the production of documentaries and other programs, and according to local reports, the contract is worth more than 10 billion yen.

“Mako is a member of Japan’s royal family, so naturally the American media is paying close attention to her movements. I’m sure Mr. Komuro is aware of this situation in New York. It would not be surprising if he and Mako were thinking that it would be better for them to make money by appearing in the media together rather than working hard as lawyers in the United States.

Like Princess Meghan, if they tell the story of how the Imperial Family was, they will be noticed by the world. If not only Ms. Komuro but also Ms. Kayo persuade her, she may appear in the show even if it is not Mako’s intention. I don’t think there’s any chance that Kayo will become Mako’s ‘stage mom.

What kind of life will the “mother and son” of Komuro, who will become a family with Princess Mako, lead in their new home in New York? I’m sure the world will be watching…

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