Kouai Watanabe and Chintaro Yamada, who announced their marriage, were in love with each other at a darts bar. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kouai Watanabe and Chintaro Yamada, who announced their marriage, were in love with each other at a darts bar.

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The two enjoy playing darts at a bar with acquaintances. Since that time, they have been getting along like a married couple.

I am happy to announce that I have entered the family register with a man who became a regular guy last year.

On March 17, former SUPER☆GiRLS member Kouame Watanabe (25) made the announcement of her marriage. This “civilian man” is Yamada Chintaro (36), who retired from show business after leaving his agency in 2008.

Mr. Watanabe was a popular member of SUPER☆GiRLS, joining the group as a second-term student and serving as its leader from 2006. Since leaving the group in June 2009, she has been active mainly in live-streaming applications. Yamada, on the other hand, has been active as a TV personality for many years, but in ’21, she announced that she had left the office the previous year. She is now active as a manager of restaurants and other businesses” (sports newspaper entertainment desk).

According to Watanabe’s announcement, they are already expecting their first child. This magazine has actually seen the two of them in a friendly relationship on many occasions. For example, in December 2007, we found them playing darts with acquaintances at a bar owned by Yamada. The lively drinking party did not end until after 1:00 a.m., with Yamada sometimes giving lectures on how to throw the ball.

Watanabe heads off to a live concert. He was the leader of the group and a popular core member.

On another day, the two of them visited the same bar together. They looked like a married couple.

The first rumors of their relationship appeared in 1919. It was reported that Watanabe attended a send-off party for his sister Yu Yamada and her husband Shun Oguri, who were relocating to the United States, and that he and Shintaro were nursing the couple’s child together. I think their relationship deepened over time, leading to this marriage.

Yamada, on the other hand, wrote on her Instagram page on the same day, ” I got married! I hope you will continue to build a happy family. I hope they will continue to build a happy family.

A scene at a bar. Yamada was carefully teaching Watanabe how to play darts.
The two of them are perfectly matched. Since Yamada is the owner of the bar, the drinking continued even after closing time.
Watanabe heading to the live concert venue. When this magazine discovered them in the summer of 2007, they were already rumored to be in a relationship.
Watanabe after the concert. She also worked as a gravure model during her idol days, and her good style stood out even in a crowded place.
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