Anxious to take Shizuka’s place? The battle for supremacy among “Johnny’s wives” is intensifying. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anxious to take Shizuka’s place? The battle for supremacy among “Johnny’s wives” is intensifying.

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Thanks to the success of her husband and daughters, Shizuka Kudo is now a flying star (PHOTO: Takero Yui)

A few days ago, this magazine reported on the divorce of Takuya Kimura (50) and Shizuka Kudo (52). When we directly asked Shizuka Kudo about it, she laughed it off with gusto. Shizuka is currently reigning as the “strongest Johnny’s wife.

Shizuka married Kimutaku in December 2000. Kimura suddenly held a press conference to announce the marriage, which, of course, stunned the whole country.

At the time, the office and the members of SMAP were opposed to the relationship. Naturally, Mary-san (Mary Kitagawa), the real head of the office, was furious. However, Shizuka reported the birth of Cocomi to Mary before her own parents, and the relationship became a family affair, and she gradually gained their trust.

When they first got married, Shizuka never mentioned Kimura or his family in public. She was a model “Johnny’s wife. What raised her stock even higher was the “SMAP independence scandal” in 2004, which was triggered by the conflict between former “SMAP” manager I and Mary Kitagawa.

At first, Kimura and the other members had planned to go independent, but Shizuka told him to leave for the sake of the family. Shizuka persuaded him not to leave for the sake of his family. As a result, Kimura was forced to remain at Johnny’s and the plan for SMAP’s independence fell through. Shizuka made sense to Mary,” said a major entertainment industry insider.

This incident caused her to incur the wrath of some fans, but at the same time, her relationship with Mr. Merry took a turn for the better, and as the relationship deepened, it became a factor in making her position at Johnny’s a different one. With her relationship with Mr. Merry behind her, Shizuka began to promote her two daughters, who had never been allowed to show their faces before, as models, and to show off her “close family” including Kimura on social networking sites. Her subsequent success in promoting her daughters to the center of the entertainment industry is now well known by all. Of course, her anti-fans cannot stand her doing as she pleases, and her Instagram often goes up in flames. However, she seems to have a good relationship with the current head of Johnny’s, President Keiko Fujishima Julie. Her status as Johnny’s wife will no longer waver. Everyone thought so, but …….

Even after becoming famous, the couple never misses walking their dog together…

However, in terms of the pecking order within the office of the talents themselves, it is Higashiyama Noriyuki (56) who is the top talent at Johnny’s and can be considered the eldest son after Kondo Masahiko leaves. It is believed that it will not be long before he assumes the position of vice president of Johnny’s. Therefore, it seems that his wife, Yoshino Kimura (46), is also given “special treatment” by the office.

Higashiyama’s marriage in 2010 was blessed by the office because he had already achieved enough as an idol and his partner, Yoshino Kimura, is a famous actress with a good family and is recognized by everyone for her elegance. It was an “ideal marriage” for a Johnny’s celebrity. It is said that Yoshino is very close to Mr. Julie. It is an unspoken agreement that wives of Johnny’s celebrities should never talk about their private lives with their husbands in public, but she sometimes talks about episodes with Higashiyama on talk shows, and Higashiyama, in turn, sometimes talks about his wife Kano.

Higashiyama and his wife, Yoshino Kimura, at their child’s field day at a prestigious private school.

Among the wives of Johnny’s, Shizuka and Yoshino are almost the only two who are given special treatment, and although their status may slightly rise or fall depending on their husbands’ activities in the future, they were thought to be the only two who were treated differently. However, there is a new Johnny’s wife who has recently been given “special treatment. Asaka Seto, 46, wife of former V6 member Yoshihiko Inohara, 46, who replaced Hideaki Takizawa as president of their affiliated company “Johnny’s Island” last October.

Seto came out of the supermarket with shopping bags in both hands. She went straight to the parking lot.

Seto used to blog about her children and her lunch boxes, but there was no sign of Inohara there, and she was once ridiculed for looking like a single mother. When asked about Inohara at a press conference for the drama, she even replied, ‘As you all know, there’s not much I can say about myself, but I support ……. However, in an interview with a women’s magazine published last October, she suddenly spoke in considerable detail about her feelings at the time of her marriage and the state of her family, to the point where it was a wonder that she had kept her mouth shut until now. Some people believe that this is a sign of Seto’s “promotion” since the timing is close to his appointment as the president of “Johnny’s Island”. Shizuka Kudo was reigning over the company, taking advantage of her good relationship with Mary, and then Yoshino Kimura appeared, and it seemed as if a heated battle between the two had begun behind the scenes, but before long Asaka Seto had risen to the top.

A husband’s position in his company is reflected in the power relationship between his wives, and the same is true in Johnny’s society. And there are many other wives of Johnny’s who are not only popular but also powerful in their own right. Aoi Miyazaki (37), wife of former “V6” Junichi Okada (42), Miho Shiraishi (44), wife of Hiroshi Nagano (50), Nana Seino (28), wife of Toma Ikuta (38), and Risa Kikuchi (27), wife of Shigeru Johjima (52), could also be given special treatment at any time depending on their power and position. In the following section, we will look at some of these women. So who among these wives might be the first to make it into the “top three”?

Aoi Miyazaki. Her talent as an actress goes without saying, but her husband, Junichi Okada, has a tremendous presence as an actor. In 2001, he starred in the movie “Eternal Zero,” and in 2008, he played the lead role of Kanpei Kuroda in the NHK historical drama “Gunshi Kanpei. For “Eternal Zero,” he won the Japan Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and since then he has won film-related awards every year. His wife Aoi Miyazaki’s presence is growing along with his talent as an actor,” says a source at an advertising agency.

(A source close to the advertising agency).

Miyazaki gets out of the car and heads for the TV station. He was smiling, as if he was having a good time.

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