Police were outraged by Mr. Gershey’s “10% chance of arrest” and were determined to “arrest him by Golden Week. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Police were outraged by Mr. Gershey’s “10% chance of arrest” and were determined to “arrest him by Golden Week.

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Gershey’s arrest warrant was requested the day after his “expulsion” from the National Assembly (from his official YouTube channel).

From Member of Parliament to Suspect.

Mr. Gershie’s title was quickly changed.

Last summer, he ran for the upper house of the Diet as a candidate for the NHK Party (now the Political Women’s 48 Party) and won. Although she became a “sensei,” she was expelled from the upper house on March 15 because of her failure to attend a single session of the Diet.

At the same time, he was suspected of threatening actor Go Ayano, Dwango founder Kawakami Ryosei, jewelry designer Fukutani Kimio, and others on SNS, and the Metropolitan Police Department requested a voluntary interview.

Seeing that he had been stripped of his parliamentary status, the authorities requested the court to issue a warrant for his arrest on charges of violation of violence (habitual threats) and defamation of character, which was granted on January 16, making Mr. Garcie a “suspect” in the case.

Only one day passed before he fell from the National Assembly. This shows how long the police had been waiting for this day.

They had him completely fooled,” said Mr. Gurnsey. They have already searched for the parties involved, and they are confident that they will be able to build a case against him.

However, the suspect is currently residing abroad.

His former guardian, the Secretary General of the Political Women’s 48 Party, Takashi Tachibana, commented on YouTube that the request for his arrest was “within our expectation. He pointed out that even if the suspect is wanted internationally through the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), he will not be taken into custody in Dubai due to the lack of an extradition treaty between Japan and the UAE. Mr. Tachibana then added

90% of the time, you won’t be arrested. The probability of being arrested is 10%. That is what Gershie thinks.”

Gershie is also thinking this far.

Will things really go according to Gershie’s plan? One police alumnus said, “No, no.

No, no, I think he will be arrested sooner or later for sure. It’s just position talk peculiar to Mr. Tachibana, isn’t it?

He’s just talking out of his ass. It is true that no extradition treaty has been signed with the UAE, but the Japanese and UAE governments have established friendly relations.

Just as the Philippines, which has not signed an extradition treaty with the UAE, easily extradited the gang of “Ralphie,” the main suspect in a wide-scale robbery who was in jail, the Japanese investigative agency would not treat them ungrudgingly if they ask for their extradition.

The authorities know where Gurney is, and they have no reason to protect him. The authorities know where Gershie is, and I think the case will be settled by Golden Week.

I had a brief moment of shock when Gershy visited Turkey, which had been hit by a major earthquake. If he had gone off the grid in the vast country of Turkey, the authorities would not have been able to track him down. A reporter for a national newspaper said, “If he is put on the international wanted list, he will not be able to travel to Turkey.

If you are wanted internationally, your travel will be severely restricted. If you really want to escape, you should flee to a third country where Japan’s influence does not extend before you are placed on the international wanted list. North Korea, Russia, or Iran? If they enter those countries, we can’t do anything about it.

He said, “If they enter there, we can’t touch them.

Another person the authorities are frowning upon is Mr. Tachibana. He and Gershie got into a “domestic dispute” at the last minute. At that time, the suspect took to social networking sites and said

You (Mr. Tachibana) told me that I didn’t have to go back to Japan,” he said.

He claimed, “It was Mr. Tachibana, not me, who said, ‘You don’t have to go back to Japan, you don’t have to appear in the Diet.

He insists.

The police also expressed their displeasure with Mr. Tachibana, who kept changing what he was saying. Even if he had interfered with Gyasi’s return to Japan, it would not be a crime, but it would not be good for his reputation.

Will the day ever come when Gershie is handcuffed in an airplane and lands at a Japanese airport, as in the recent “Ralphie case”? ……

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