Worse than his brother Jong-un…! How Kim Yo Jong Executed 8 Senior Officials in a Row | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Worse than his brother Jong-un…! How Kim Yo Jong Executed 8 Senior Officials in a Row

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Kim Yo Jong, who was even reported to have led a coup. His influence at home and abroad is growing (Image: Afro)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been murdered by his sister Kim Yo Jong. The latest issue of the U.S. Globe magazine has a shocking report. The latest issue of the U.S. Globe magazine reports that Kim Jong-un has overthrown the regime and eliminated his brother. This is what the magazine reported.

Kim Jong-un was murdered by Kim Yeo Jong, who staged a coup between May and June this year. According to a Pentagon official, facial recognition analysis revealed that it was not Kim Jong-un.

The National Intelligence Service of South Korea responded to the report on October 24.

In response to the report, the National Intelligence Service of South Korea responded on October 24, stating that the Globe article was “completely untrue. Jong-un did not make a sudden appearance in September; he was also present at the Youth Festival in August. He also stressed that there have been no recent significant developments in Jong-un’s neighborhood.

Health concerns and shadow warrior theories: ……. There are many untrue rumors about Jong-un, who has lost weight and changed his impression. And this time, there was even information about a coup d’etat by Yeo Jong. What are the circumstances behind the reports? Mr. Taka Eiki, editor-in-chief of Daily NH Japan, tells us.

“The reports are bullshit, but they suggest that Yeo Jong has been recognized overseas as the second most powerful person after his brother. It seems that within North Korea, Yeo Jong has become an ‘object of fear’ who exercises strong power.

“A stray dog with a filthy mouth barking.

Last November, a horrific incident took place. In November of last year, a horrific incident took place in which eight officials of the Ministry of State Security, the secret police in charge of radio wave detection, were executed in a playground on the outskirts of Pyongyang owned by the ministry. The order was reportedly given by Yeo Jong. Mr. Gao continued.

“The eight people suspected of embezzlement claimed that they had been misled. But Mr. Yosho refused to listen to any of their defenses. Instead of taking into account the extenuating circumstances, he decided to execute the eight as ‘traitors who betrayed the party and the revolution at a time of crisis.

Externally, Mr. Yo Jong has continued to speak and act forcefully. In May last year, he criticized a group of North Korean defectors who had spread leaflets condemning North Korea, calling them “stray dogs barking with dirty mouths. In June of the same year, it blew up the North-South Joint Liaison Office, which was jointly operated with South Korea. In January of this year, he called the South Korean government “a fool of the highest order” for cynically criticizing a military parade.

“The weakness of a dictatorship like North Korea is that if the leader disappears, the system can collapse. In the event of a sudden death due to accident, illness, or assassination, the state may cease to function. Yeo Jong’s bullish stance at home and abroad is probably to show that he is Jong Un’s successor. He is just as dangerous as his brother, and he is prepared to continue to take strong measures against Jong-un if something should happen to him.

Yeo Jong is said to be in his early 30s, young enough to assume power. He is said to be in his early 30s, too young to be in power, and there is no small amount of opposition within North Korea.

“He is said to be in his early thirties. One is the older party leaders. North Korea is strongly influenced by Confucianism, and older people are respected. There are probably many older people who don’t take kindly to the young Yeo Jong’s stance as a ‘cocky greenhorn.

Second, there are those who believe that we should cooperate with South Korea rather than antagonize it. North Korea is suffering from a severe recession due to economic sanctions and the new coronavirus. There are many people who believe that North Korea should find a way out by joining hands with South Korea, which is economically wealthy and of the same family. They believe that life would be better if there were exchange between North and South Korea.

Yosho’s influence is steadily growing. Her words and deeds have become the focus of attention overseas as well.

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