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‘Top Gun Maverick’ Blockbuster Tom Cruise’s Absence from Oscars ‘Disappointing Reason’

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Top Gun Maverick,” starring Tom Cruise, was a worldwide smash hit, but the Academy Awards were a tough sell…

The 95th Academy Awards ceremony was held on March 12 (local time), and the science fiction comedy “Everything Everywhere at Once” won Best Picture, Best Director (Daniels), and the first ever Best Actress award for an Asian actress for Michele Yeoh. Best Actress Award. The film also won seven awards, including Best Supporting Actor for Kee Hui Kwan and Best Supporting Actress for Jamie Lee Curtis.

There are a number of theories surrounding the absence of Tom Cruise, who was nominated in six categories including Best Picture for his hit film “Top Gun: Maverick,” in which he starred.

One of them is that he did not want to run into his ex-wife, actress Nicole Kidman, who attended the ceremony as a presenter.

Some British newspapers reported that “Tom wasn’t at the ceremony because she was there and he didn’t want to run into her.

Some British newspapers reported that “Tom wasn’t at the ceremony because she (Kidman) was there and he didn’t want to meet her. However, a source close to Cruise said

“It was not a personal matter, but a scheduling problem,” a source close to Cruise denied.

Cruise’s people denied that it was personal.

Cruise was married to Kidman in 1990 and divorced in 2001. Even if she and Kidman have a history, it goes back more than 20 years, and it has nothing to do with Cruise’s absence from the ceremony,” said a Hollywood insider familiar with the film industry.

But I’m not convinced that she has any reason to be absent from the ceremony.

On the other hand, “scheduling conflicts” is also unconvincing.

Tom was not nominated for Best Actor for “Top Gun Maverick,” but he was nominated for Best Picture. The Best Picture award is given to the producer of the film, and Tom is not only the star of the film, but also the producer, so he will be one of the Oscar winners if he wins Best Picture. It is not difficult for Tom to adjust his schedule, and his absence is unusual.

So the rumor is that he will not be nominated for Best Actor.

“It may have something to do with the fact that he was not nominated for Best Actor and that ‘EvEv’ is sweeping the awards race this year,” said the same person.

To begin with, the Academy Award nominations were announced on January 24 (local time), and “Top Gun Maverick” was nominated in six categories including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Song, but Cruise was not nominated for Best Actor, and Cruise’s fans were not happy.

Cruise’s fans complained on Twitter, “What good are these awards if Tom Cruise doesn’t win an Oscar for ‘Top Gun’?

This is a statement of Cruise’s frustration on Twitter. This may have been a reflection of Cruise’s feelings.

Cruise won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for “Born on the Fourth of July” (’89) and “The Agent” (’96). He also won the Best Supporting Actor award for “Magnolia” (’99), but all three of those films were nominated for Academy Awards but did not win. Therefore, it is believed that he was hoping to make it this time.

However, not only was he not nominated for Best Actor, but as the award season deepened, “EvEv” continued to make rapid progress, winning Best Picture awards from all four major Hollywood unions: SAG (Screen Actors Guild of America), PGA (Producers Guild of America), DGA (Directors Guild of America), and WGA (Screenwriters Guild of America). Award for Best Picture.

This is the only time a film has ever won these four awards (American Beauty, Slumdog Millionaire, Argo, and No Country), and all four films have won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The last-minute predictions of U.S. film magazines and other media were all about “Ebuebu.

It is not surprising that the “Ebuebu” craze is rumored to be related to Cruise’s absence from the awards ceremony.

Another Hollywood master, James Cameron, director of “Avatar: Way of War,” also did not attend the ceremony. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the awards ceremony for the second year in a row, said

“Two people who insisted on coming to the theater [for the awards ceremony] didn’t show up,” he said.

He made it a talking point that “two people who insisted on coming to the theater [for the awards ceremony] didn’t show up.

Incidentally, “Top Gun” grossed approximately $1.5 billion worldwide last year. Avatar: The Way of the Warrior” grossed $2.012 billion last year, surpassing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to become the fourth highest-grossing film of all time.

Although these two films were the biggest hits in Hollywood last year, “Top Gun” won only the Best Sound Award at the Academy Awards. Avatar” was nominated in four categories, including Best Picture, but won only for Best Visual Effects.

Top Gun,” which featured Cruise piloting an actual fighter jet and other groundbreaking visuals and drama, and “Avatar,” which captivated audiences with its innovative visual beauty and family drama, both won only single awards other than the six major categories (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Performance by an Actor or Female Actor, and Best Supporting Performance by a Male Actor or Female Actress). (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress). Those in the film industry speculate that Cruise and Cameron may have sensed this year’s trend in advance and decided not to attend the awards ceremony.

Incidentally, “EvEv” was released in Japan on March 3, but in the U.S., it was released in March of last year and grossed approximately 100 million dollars (approximately 13.4 billion yen) at the worldwide box office. It was truly a giant-killing, “Ebuebu” won 7 crowns.

  • Written by Ryo Sakamoto (Writer)

    Born in Tokyo, Ryo Sakamoto was a reporter for Tokyo Sports Newspaper (Culture Department, and then the head of the Culture and Society Department). After retiring, he started the web magazine "PlusαToday" and writes articles on movies, Hollywood information, etc. Member of the Japan Film Pen Club.

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