Reiwa’s TV world is “rejuvenating” but… “Masami Kumoto and Wakako Shimazaki are being shunned, and Akira Hokuto is surviving. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reiwa’s TV world is “rejuvenating” but… “Masami Kumoto and Wakako Shimazaki are being shunned, and Akira Hokuto is surviving.

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Tamura, Tasuku Sawabe (36) of “Halaichi” and Sunao Hashimoto (42) of “Ginshari” will graduate from “Detective! Night Scoop” at the end of March. The appointment of Yuriyan and others will rejuvenate the show.

Night Scoop” (ABC Television), a popular program originating in the Kansai region. Night Scoop” (ABC TV), a popular program from the Kansai region, will be joined by Seiya (30) of “SHIMOFURI MYOJO” and Yuriyan Retriever (32) as the new detectives.

Seiya, 30, of “Shimobori Akusei” and Yuriyan Retriever, 32, of “Night Scoop” (ABC TV), will be taking over for Kenji Tamura, 49, who is moving his base of operations to the United States. I think it was a good opportunity for the program to rejuvenate its cast. In recent years, core viewership ratings (ratings among men and women aged 13-49) and the number of views of the streaming video have become indicators of hits, which has led to an increase in the use of younger performers and has begun to weed out veteran talent in the araf age bracket” (producer, key station).

Last year, Beat Takeshi (76) graduated from “New Information 7days Newscaster” (TBS). Emiko Uenuma’s Oshaberi Cooking” (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) and “Viking More” (Fuji Television Network), hosted by Shinobu Sakagami (55), have come to an end. TV stations have been moving away from big-name MCs, and the aftermath is said to be spreading to the “daisies.

Once a talent’s fee is raised, it is difficult to lower it. Instead of using one high-priced veteran, it is better to use two or three young talents who are in season, as it makes the screen more colorful. Sponsors also want younger viewers, who are more willing to buy, to watch their programs, so it is better for them to use “haka-do-kei” (hillside style) actors such as “Nogizaka46″ and young Johnny’s.” (A person related to an advertising agency)

The recent spate of independence and transfers of popular producers has also had an impact.

The loss of talented producers has made it imperative for TV stations to train young staff. In fact, young directors in their 20s and 30s are now being hired for projects in a conspicuous number of cases. Younger people want to use talent of the same generation, so the names of veteran talent are no longer mentioned in casting meetings.

Among these, it is the veteran single female talent who has been most affected by the rejuvenation of the TV industry.

The TV industry’s rejuvenation has had the greatest impact on veteran female TV personalities,” said a broadcaster. There is still a certain amount of demand for mama celebrities such as Akira Hokuto (55). However, veteran talents such as Wakako Shimazaki (50) and Masami Kumoto (64), who are not able to develop their mommy stories, are difficult to use unless they are used in limited projects such as “one-person women’s specials. In fact, managers of veteran TV personalities are increasingly asking for a discount on their fees. We would like to use the talents who have helped us, but it is difficult to get an OK from sponsors and upper management. ……

What are the conditions for a talent to survive?

What is the condition of a talent who can survive? “A person who has a strong character and does not choose his or her work. For example, “FUJIWARA” actor Toshifumi Fujimoto (52) is a lively comedian and is willing to work on long-hour projects such as “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS). This kind of talent will not run out of work in the future.

It is likely that Reiwa’s TV world will be supported by fresh faces.

From the March 17, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Kei Kato

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