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Noritake Kinashi & Narumi Yasuda Enjoying a Walk Alone on a Date

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The two are walking together. At one time, there were whispers that they were separating because Kinashi was living in a hotel, but they are still a happy couple.

It’s a little past 9 p.m. in early October, and the weather has turned chilly. Noritake Kinashi (59) and his wife Narumi Yasuda (54) were walking leisurely in a quiet, upscale residential area of Tokyo. They were both dressed roughly, but exuded an outstanding aura.

On the 24th of this month, Kinashi will start “DreamerZ” (TV Tokyo) as the main MC. She was probably on her way back from a celebratory dinner before her new show. She disappeared in the direction of her home.

“After the state of emergency was declared, restaurants reopened until 9:00 pm. For Mr. Kinashi, who likes to drink, the timing was perfect. It must have been a good time for Mr. Kinashi, who loves to drink. Also, his youngest daughter started school and it became easier for the two of them to have time alone.

Ms. Kinashi seems to be very enthusiastic about the new program. The reason is that she has a deep attachment to Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), where she made her first TV appearance with Takaaki Ishibashi, 59, back in the days of its predecessor, Tokyo Channel 12. I think the couple spent some time together before they got busy with the new program.

They have been married for 27 years, and the Covid-19 disaster seems to have deepened their relationship even more.

“They have a lot in common: Kinashi is an artist, and Yasuda enjoys knitting and handiwork. It seems that they are enjoying doing DIY projects together now that they have more time at home due to the Covid-19 disaster.

While there are many couples who become bitter because they spend more time at home, we can’t help but feel smiling for them.

The reason why Noritake Kinashi and Narumi Yasuda enjoyed a night stroll date alone together.

From the November 5, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Keisuke Nishi

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