Un-jash’s Ken Watanabe, whose “book sales are booming,” is “making money” with his “wedding speech business” in a bubble state. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Un-jash’s Ken Watanabe, whose “book sales are booming,” is “making money” with his “wedding speech business” in a bubble state.

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Un-jash’s Ken Watanabe is slowly recovering from his affair.

It seems that he has finally found his chance to win.

In June 2008, Ken Watabe of the comedy duo “Un-jash” refrained from entertainment activities due to an adulterous scandal involving multiple women, and spent a year and eight months under house arrest. Un-jash is still rarely seen on TV, and his only regular program is a local program called “Un-jash in Black and White” (Chibatelle), which he has been doing since 2004. It is recorded in bulk and runs once a month.

Recently, last November, he published “Chozentei no Kaiwa-ryoku (Conversation Skills of the Superlative)” (Kizuna Shuppan), a book filled with know-how on communication techniques. The book is so popular that it ranked No. 1 (as of March 15) on Amazon’s bestseller list in the “Business Communication” category.

Since his return to work, Watabe has been working steadily, and this year he was featured on the same TV program as the following question.

Wedding? I was like, “What? I went to the wedding thinking, “Who the hell do you think you are going to ……? I’ll tell you the truth, it’s very funny.

He revealed that he was asked by a good friend to give a speech at a wedding.

When asked by his partner Kazuya Kojima what kind of speech he gave, he replied

He replied, “First of all, I would like to commend the groom for his courage in asking me to give a speech at this ceremony in which he pledges his eternal love.

There are many important things in married life. First of all, “Never tell a lie. ”Never keep secrets from your wife. And don’t make your wife cry. I can’t believe I’m getting away with this.

He revealed that he made the guests in the audience laugh out loud.

I was wondering what kind of venue I should be active in from now on. ……

Watabe also revealed that he had doubts about his post-return activities, saying, “I was thinking about what kind of place I should be active in from now on.

He said, “I’m in a ‘you don’t say that’ bubble.

Watanabe, who revealed that he had been hesitant about his post-return activities, was pleased to hear that he was beginning to find a way to make a comeback.

When Kojima heard this, he also seemed to have an idea. When he was asked by his manager to make a congratulatory comment on the wedding in the VTR, he said, “Husband, please don’t cheat on me.

I told her, “Husband, please be careful not to cheat on your wife!

which was later heard to be a big hit at the event.

Watanabe has also been offered the chance to do the “VTR commentary” style, but in the future, he and Kojima would like to try a style where they talk together like a comic dialogue, with Watanabe doing the talking and Kojima doing the commentary.

In terms of weddings, Esper Ito-san became a topic of conversation for a while when he revealed that he had received entertainment for 200,000 yen for 30 minutes and his annual income was 20 million yen. For someone in Mr. Watanabe’s class, 200,000 yen is far too much.

Un-jash is said to share a schedule as a duo, and Mr. Kojima revealed that Mr. Watabe’s workload is increasing rapidly. Although he is far from his peak, his books are selling well and he is probably looking at tens of millions of yen in annual income. Conversely, TV has long hours of restraint and the pay is not that great, so wedding sales is a pretty tasty job” (sports newspaper reporter).

Despite the scandal, he has not divorced Nozomi Sasaki, and announced the pregnancy of their second child in November of last year. It can be taken as a strong marital relationship.

Whether or not it’s a good omen, it seems certain that the wedding will be a big hit–and a good one at that.

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