The World’s Mysterious Discovery! With Hitoshi Kusano’s retirement… “Sun Moni” Hiroshi Sekiguchi’s continuation is a given, but his departure is “worrisome. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The World’s Mysterious Discovery! With Hitoshi Kusano’s retirement… “Sun Moni” Hiroshi Sekiguchi’s continuation is a given, but his departure is “worrisome.

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Sekiguchi has often been burned for his comments in the past.

On August 8, TBS announced that freelance announcer Ryoji Ishii (45) will replace Hitoshi Kusano (79) as host of the long-running program “Sekai Fushigi Hakken! This will be the first change in 38 years since the program began airing in 1986. Kusano will not graduate from the program, but will back up the show as a “quiz master” who gives hints to the audience.

The average household viewer rating was 14% in 2003, but recently it has been in the 5% range, and the show has been in a precarious state. It was possible to discontinue the program, but Mr. Kusano, who has contributed so much to the program, was determined to continue it for another 40 years. So, as a desperate measure, in January of this year, the quiz format was discontinued and replaced with a discussion format. I heard that this was also a preparation for Mr. Kusano’s “retirement. It is said that Mr. Kusano agreed to the change of host in order to keep the program alive.

Another TBS “contributor” whose departure is of interest is Hiroshi Sekiguchi, 79, MC of “Sunday Morning” (“Sunday Moni”). Sunday Moni,” now in its 36th year, used to boast high ratings as TBS’s signature program, but in November of last year, household viewership dropped to the single digits and there were whispers that the program might be terminated. In addition, the show was also criticized by the media for its “gaffe” by Sekiguchi.

Sekiguchi’s many “gaffes” are inevitably noticeable. The program’s progress has been so rough that it is not surprising that there are whispers of its limitations, and with the retirement of Kusano-san, a contemporary, Sekiguchi’s departure is also attracting attention.

In the March 12 episode of “Sanmoni,” Sekiguchi was conspicuous for his nonchalant attitude in proceeding without expressing his own opinions more than usual, but when it came to the sports corner, he mentioned the success of the Japanese WBC team and said, “To me, it’s too much like a nut bar.”

In the sports section, he mentioned the Japan WBC team’s performance and said, “I saw a lot of people called Nutobar.

“I can’t help but notice Nutebuhr.”

“I’m so proud of you,” he said.

On the January 15 broadcast, he referred to Lars Nutobar (25) of the MLB Cardinals, who was selected for Japan’s WBC team, saying, “I’m not familiar with him.

I don’t know him well, but he was chosen.

He was criticized by the Internet for saying, “I don’t know much about him,” but this time he was eloquent in his praise. However, when the results of Pools C and D were presented on the flip charts, he said, “I don’t know anything about any of them, but they’re all too good for me.

I can hardly recognize any of them,” he said. They all look like the same team.

Again, a “petit gaffe” was made.

The station considers it highly unlikely that Mr. Sekiguchi will make a definitive statement on political news, given his many years of knowledge and experience. Even if he gets burned for his comments in the sports section, as long as we can get some numbers out of it, we are satisfied with the result. There is no one who can ask Mr. Sekiguchi to “retire valiantly. Therefore, I think this style will continue for a long time.

“It seems that the “status quo” will continue for the time being.

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