Despite expulsion… Congressman Gershey has not returned to Japan because of “police’s angry request for an arrest warrant” and “the issue of passport deprivation. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Despite expulsion… Congressman Gershey has not returned to Japan because of “police’s angry request for an arrest warrant” and “the issue of passport deprivation.

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Councilor Gershii, who did not return to Japan after refusing to “apologize in Congress” (from his official YouTube channel)

The police are furious with Councilor Gershii (Yoshikazu Azumaya) for cancelling his return to Japan.

Since his election to the House of Councillors last summer, Mr. Garssy has not attended a single session of the Diet. This was viewed as a problem, and he was referred to the Disciplinary Committee, where he was scheduled to apologize on the floor of the Diet on March 8.

He had also expressed his intention to return to Japan, but in the end he did not return.

He moved from Dubai to Turkey, where there was a major earthquake, and has been providing support for the disaster-stricken areas, but some in Nagata-cho have commented, “This is just a performance to avoid returning to Japan.

He was just a performance to avoid returning to Japan. What was he doing in Turkey? He was just making videos of the disaster.

The Japanese people in Nagata-cho have voiced their harsh opinions, saying, “What was he doing in Turkey?

The committee is expected to hold a meeting on April 4, and at a plenary session of the upper house on April 15, Gershy will be expelled from the Diet, the first time in 72 years, for failing to appear to apologize on the floor.

In a sense, he has left his mark on Japanese political history, but it will simply be a “black history” that has disturbed the political world.

Gershwin’s reluctance to return to Japan until the very end was due to his fear of the investigative authorities. The reason why Gershy decided to run for the NHK Party (at that time) in last summer’s election was because he wanted this privilege, which is not available to ordinary people, at all costs.

However, Gershey’s thinking “changed” after the authorities raided his office at the beginning of the year for defamation against Go Ayano and other celebrities.

The authorities asked Gershie for a voluntary interview, but at the same time, they raided all the relevant places at once. It was a move apparently based on the assumption that he would be arrested.

Gyasi had been thinking, ‘Now I’m invincible,’ after he had been granted immunity from arrest, but when he saw how the authorities moved and how they leaked information, he realized that it was more than just a coincidence. He was afraid that the moment he returned to Japan, his passport would be seized and he would be barred from leaving Japan even after he apologized to the Diet.

In a panic, Senator Gershie asked that he be protected and not taken into custody when he returned to Japan, but the authorities completely ignored his request. According to the aforementioned source.

Gershie has decided not to return to Japan. He decided in mid-February that he would not return to Japan.

He had decided not to return in mid-February.

The reason why Gershie is so cautious is not so much the “arrest” itself, but rather the fact that he believes it will be difficult for him to leave Japan afterwards.

Tachibana initially calculated the charges against Gershie, and even if he is indicted and convicted, “he will probably be given a stay of execution.

He said, “He will probably get a stay of execution. In that case, why don’t you atone for your crime and start over again?

But Gershie stubbornly refused. According to a political source with knowledge of the situation

During the period of probation, there will be restrictions on obtaining a passport. Gyasi is in trouble outside of politics, and he is afraid to stay in Japan. It would be very difficult for him to escape from Japan.

He said, “I am very worried about that.

However, such a situation is no concern of the police. If they continue to allow Garcie to continue, it may give the impression that even if he commits a crime, he will be able to “get by” by flying abroad.

Even so, the number of crimes committed by special fraud groups is on the rise these days. The main perpetrators and perpetrators of these crimes are not always in Japan, and in some cases, such as the “Ralphie case,” they are living a comfortable life in the Philippines.

If I had to guess, I would say that the arrest warrant will be requested when he is no longer a member of the Diet. I have heard that he is already in talks with the district attorney’s office. After the arrest warrant is issued, I think the plan is to ask for cooperation in the investigation from the country where Gyasi is staying.

But still, is Gyasi running away? It has been about a year since he suddenly appeared on YouTube. The man who was hailed as a dark hero is being hunted down.

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