Fan’s delight at Suzu Hirose’s “bold skimpy and see-through dress”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fan’s delight at Suzu Hirose’s “bold skimpy and see-through dress”!

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Hirose at a PR event for a cosmetics company (AFLO)

Actress Suzu Hirose’s “daring shoulder-baring see-through dress” has become a hot topic of conversation, and the TBS documentary program “Jounetsu Tairiku” has released a video of Hirose on its official Instagram.

Since the start of the program in 1998, it has been closely following the most important people of the time, from their serious expressions at work to their private lives. The fans are very excited to see Hirose’s appearance on this very popular program.

“Finally! “I’m looking forward to it so much,” “It’s so cute~,” “It’s too good! I’m so happy,” “I love it,” “30 minutes is too short,” and other excited comments were seen on the Internet.

Hirose was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1998 and made her debut as a model in 2012, followed by her debut as an actress the following year. She won the 39th Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor for her role in “Umimachi Diary” and the 41st Japan Academy Prize for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Third Murder. She also played the lead role in the TV series “Natsuzora”. In the ten years since her debut, she has transformed herself into one of Japan’s most famous actresses.

According to the official website of the program, the close contact with Hirose started in October last year.

According to the program’s official website, the close contact with Hirose began in October last year, and she said, “I want to have many emotions so that I can respond to any orders. The interviewers were often surprised by her words and actions, which one would not expect from a 23-year-old.

“She has been kickboxing for the past four years, which has helped her to break free from her evil thoughts, and she always thinks about the role while eating her favorite noodles. “I’ve gotten used to the title ‘actress,’ but I want to be an ‘actor’ in my heart,” says Hirose, and through a year-long interview, we get to know the source of her brilliance.

In the trailer released on the show’s Instagram, we can see Hirose without any makeup on. It looks like she’s wearing makeup, and I can’t hide my surprise at how beautiful she looks without makeup. The trailer also shows Hirose in mature and daring outfits, which is sure to be a hit with fans.

I can’t take my eyes off Hirose any more. ……!

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