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TV Station That Completely Ignored Senator Garssy Now Have Strong Viewer Ratings

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Congressman Gershey is sure to be expelled from office after ignoring the “floor apology”… (from his official YouTube channel)

I knew it.

Such voices can be heard from many. It is Councilor Gershey (Yoshikazu Azumaya).

Although he was supposed to return to Japan on March 8 to “apologize on the floor of the Diet,” he did not return after all. However, many in the media had assumed that he would not be returning to Japan, so the turn of events was as expected. The “punishment” has now moved to the next stage, and it is no longer possible to avoid “expulsion”.

Nevertheless, the criticism of Mr. Gershey’s actions since his apology was decided upon has only increased. Why is he going to Turkey at this late stage?

He has no intention of going back to Japan, but if he does not go back, he will be brought before the disciplinary committee again, so he may have been trying to extenuate the situation by volunteering as an alibi. But that’s just not the right time.

Gyasi’s followers sent him messages of support, saying, “That’s great, keep up the good work. However, the overwhelming majority of them say that it is disgraceful, like a celebrity who has committed a scandal volunteering for the purpose of purification.

(A reporter for a weekly magazine) “There were also criticisms of the expenses.

Please don’t call me a tax cheat for this.

He also announced that he would deposit the money he had received from the NHK party, to which he belongs. However, some say that it looks like he is just trying to make a good impression in order to escape punishment.

He was a dark hero until a short while ago, but I think many of his fans are leaving him. He has been accused of not attending Diet meetings and not doing his job as a Diet member, but he hasn’t made any revelations recently. It is thought that he is afraid of being accused of blackmail, but it is also possible that he has run out of material.

Not all of the 280,000 voters who cast their ballots for him expected him to do something. Some of them may have voted for fun. For them, it seems that he is no longer “interesting.

Although his expulsion from the Diet is now inevitable, it is said that he made the pledge not to attend the Diet meetings in the first place because he was “persuaded” by Takashi Tachibana, the leader of the party.

Although Mr. Gershey has been making this point, Mr. Tachibana has made no mention of it.

Moreover, Tachibana has been criticized for taking the tricky step of suddenly changing the name of the party and resigning as party leader.

He may be trying to dodge the growing criticism, but he has been further criticized for having a former celebrity as party leader and frequently changing the name of the party, saying, “Politics is not a game. The relationship between Garcie and former party leader Tachibana, which had been a honeymoon, seems to be cracking, and there may be infighting in the future.

The TV stations are gloating over the turmoil.

The TV stations are gloating over this fiasco. “For various reasons, TV stations could not handle Garcie even if they wanted to, but now they can handle him as news thanks to the general and social nature of the punishment of a member of the National Diet. We don’t have to be disciplined anywhere.

For some reason, the evening news is more receptive to it than the morning or afternoon news. It seems that more viewers started paying attention when it was reported that he had been referred to the disciplinary committee, and people who were not familiar with Senator Gershie before started paying attention, saying, “Who is this Gershie guy? ” and began to pay attention. If anything, it seems that the interest of the antis seems to have increased.

In fact, NTV, Fuji TV, and other TV stations dispatched reporters to the area to interview Senator Garcey. The disciplinary committee is scheduled to meet on April 14, and the general view is that he will be expelled. This is sure to be big news, and several media outlets, including television, have already tried to contact Senator Gershey to get a “firsthand account” of him.

Congressman Gercy is now being followed by television as a result of the political news. The self-proclaimed “dark hero” may be surprisingly pleased with the current situation. ……

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