NHK Party’s Takashi Tachibana’s bad behavior stood out in the “infighting with Senator Garcie”… “This time he was a cut above the rest.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

NHK Party’s Takashi Tachibana’s bad behavior stood out in the “infighting with Senator Garcie”… “This time he was a cut above the rest.”

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Takashi Tachibana, who campaigned on behalf of Mr. Garcie, who did not return to Japan, won the election with 280,000 votes, but…

Is he a snob of rare caliber?

Is he a rare “philistine”? is a well-known chant in the political world, and one of the political heretics is Takashi Tachibana, then a member of the NHK Party. The reason we say “at that time” is that Mr. Takashi Tachibana has now resigned as leader of the party, taking responsibility for a series of gargantuan scandals. The reason I say “at the time” is because he has now resigned as leader of the party, taking responsibility for the series of girly disturbances, and renamed the party “Political Women 48 Party.

I no longer have any idea what is going on. ……

There are many harsh opinions on the Internet.

I’m shocked at the name of the party.
I can’t help but be curious about it.

I’m curious about it.

Mr. Tachibana joined NHK in April 1986 at the recommendation of his teacher. In April 2005, he blew the whistle on accounting irregularities related to the Kohaku producer in the Weekly Bunshun, and was subsequently disciplined by the station and released into the wild.

Since then, he has been taking a hard line against NHK and has introduced a series of “bizarre measures” one after another. The most notable example is the campaign for Gershie, but other examples include a protest campaign against Matsuko Deluxe, the candidacy of Hezumaryu, the originator of the “nuisance” YouTube videos, for the Yamaguchi supplementary election, and the candidacy of a person with the same name as Taro Yamamoto, the representative of Reiwa Shinseigumi (a new election team). ….

The name of the party was also changed a total of nine times, from “Party to Protect People from NHK” to “Party to Teach People How Not to Pay NHK Subscription Fees,” “Party to Protect People from Old Parties,” “Storm Party,” “Party in Trial with NHK in Violation of Article 72 of the Lawyer Law,” etc., and the 10th time was this “48 Politician Girls Party.

The one that was “bad was “Arashi no Toryokai,” which was changed for about a month from June to July of ’21.’ It was named after Johnny’s super group “Arashi,” which went on hiatus on New Year’s Eve in 2008, and as one would expect, it drew a flood of criticism from fans.

Other examples of his outlandish ideas include competing in the December 2009 “hatashiai” amateur interracial martial arts tournament while wearing a sumo wrestler’s mawashi, and announcing that he would shoot a movie starring Kenji Haga depicting his life story……. The people who know Mr. Tachibana say that he is a man of many talents and that he is a man of many talents.

A person who knows Mr. Tachibana says

He is extremely quick-witted. He is also a show-off. He has a part of him that is satisfied as long as he is ultimately delicious.

On the other hand, he has violent emotional ups and downs. When he is in a good mood, he is high, but there are times when he is so depressed that he cannot carry on a conversation. People around him can’t figure out what turns him on,” he says.

Tachibana’s past work on YouTube has been a source of inspiration for the company’s management. In the past, Tachibana has revealed in YouTube videos that he suffers from bipolar disorder, a condition in which he repeatedly goes into manic and depressive states.

Tachibana has also been in the news for his “internal conflict” with the aforementioned Gershey. On March 10, Gyasi commented on Tachibana’s resignation on his social networking service.

He said, “You told me that I didn’t have to go back to Japan, didn’t you? Please don’t change the subject.

He said, “You made it sound like ‘I’m resigning to take responsibility,’ but that’s just a nice thing to say, isn’t it?

He exploded with dissatisfaction. As a result, he was used as a pretext for changing the name of the party.

She said, “They told me all about my strategy as a strategist. He said, “I’m going to change the name to ‘Women’s Party. It’s just a joke.

It’s just a joke, it’s just a contrivance,” he blurted out. A person who knows Mr. Tachibana was quoted as saying, “Mr. Tachibana is more important than Mr. Garcie.

A person who knows Mr. Tachibana, as mentioned above, said, “It means that Mr. Tachibana was one step ahead of Gyasi. He would get involved with Gershie, and when he became uncomfortable, he would remove the ladder. …… It was the same with Hezumaryu, but this is Mr. Tachibana’s usual method.

He laughs bitterly. So the political world is a game of “make-believe,” …….

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