I’ve been watching and studying the footage to the point of exhaustion…! Kazuki Kameda reveals his confidence for the Naoya Inoue fight | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I’ve been watching and studying the footage to the point of exhaustion…! Kazuki Kameda reveals his confidence for the Naoya Inoue fight

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Kazuki, though carefully choosing his words, expressed his confidence for a world fight.

The super bantamweight division, where “monster” Naoya Inoue (29) has moved up a weight class, has been the talk of the boxing world.

WBC and WBO world super bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton (28) and Inoue are set to fight in the world, and WBA super and IBF world super bantamweight champion Mrozhon Ahmadaliev (28) is also scheduled to fight in April.

He said, “First of all, I want to be a champion. After that, I have a big match with Naoya Inoue.

To break into the fray, Kazuki Kameda, 31, is eyeing a shot at the belt with an eagle eye. After a two-year period during which he was unable to fight and had to switch gyms, the former two-weight world champion left the Kameda family at the end of last year and made a fresh start in his birthplace of Nishinari, Osaka.

Kazuki won his world prelim fight against Luis Castillo (27) on February 25 by a 5th round TKO. Although there are some obstacles, this victory opens the possibility that his next fight will be a world title match. A victory there would make a title unification bout with Naoya Inoue a reality.

Before the Castillo fight, FRIDAY Digital interviewed Kazuki about his prospects for a big match with Naoya Inoue. TMK GYM, owned by Kazuki and chaired by Keiichiro Kanehira, 57, formerly of Kyoei Gym, is a state-of-the-art gym with a stylish cafe-like interior and oxygen capsules and other machines.

Here, you can train as much as you want 24 hours a day. I wanted to create an environment where I could concentrate only on boxing without any regrets.

Kazuki looked at me seriously. Chairman Kanehira, who knows the three Kameda brothers well, was moved by Kazuki’s enthusiasm.

To be honest, I didn’t know Kazuki well among the three brothers. But when we were building the gym, he bowed to me and said, ‘Chairman, please,’ without saying much, and I could feel how serious he was. I want to make a world fight happen somehow. If Kameda vs. Inoue is realized, it will definitely be a big match that will attract the attention of all of Japan.

In the Kameda family, which has a strong impression of big-mouth fighters, Kazuki’s words are heavy. He expresses himself cautiously, after having watched and studied enough footage of his opponents and targets to wear out his mind.

He is a very careful man. “If you are up to the sixth round or the Japanese champion, you can win just by being stubborn. But when it comes to world rankers and world champions, it’s a different story. Of course, there are differences in level among champions, but you can never win without using your head. The overall strength of the team, including the camp, is tested, and the scheme must be solidified over a period of months. That is exactly what I am doing now. Naturally, I watch videos of my opponents over and over again to get a good idea of their characteristics and habits. I then work with my trainer to formulate a strategy before entering the ring. You can’t win in boxing if you don’t prepare that well.

As mentioned above, there are three superstars in the same class, Fulton, Murojong, and Naoya Inoue. How does Kazuki analyze their power?

I think Mouroujon has the most comprehensive power and is the most difficult opponent for me to fight. He has a lot of amateur experience (bronze medalist at the Rio Olympics), and his fundamentals are very thorough. Boxing is also a sport of endurance, but he is also strong. In that respect, I think Mouroujon comes out on top. He doesn’t have a flashy boxing style, but that type is the hardest to break down. Conversely, Fulton is fast and eye-catching, but I feel that if I can get him into my style, I can break him down. Of course there is chemistry, but that’s how I see it.”

As for Naoya Inoue, whom he is eager to fight, he said, “It is obvious that he is strong from anyone’s point of view.

Only the boxer himself knows the detailed sensations, but everything changes when you move up one weight class. Especially the weight of a punch is completely different. Looking at Inoue’s weight, height, and reach, super bantam is an unknown world, and since he has no past fights, I honestly don’t know. He may be freed from his weight-loss struggles and become much faster and much stronger, or he may be knocked down by a single punch. In any case, he will not fight the same way as before. If I were to fight Inoue, there would be room for me to take advantage of him. First of all, I have to become the champion. If the match-up is made after that, of course I am confident that I can win.”

Kazuki’s camp said , “Kazuki will be watching the fight on April 8 in the U.S., where he will be nominated by Murojong, and after the fight, we will proceed with negotiations with the winner. We will do whatever it takes to make the world fight happen,” he said enthusiastically.

At 31 years old, Kazuki now feels that he is entering the final chapter of his boxing career. He also revealed his future boxing career at the end of the interview, saying, “I am a boxer.

I am a boxer, so no matter who my opponent is, if I think I will lose, I will not enter the ring. I want to challenge strong opponents, no matter who they are. After I retire from boxing, I want to give it my all so much that I don’t want to look at the gloves anymore.

Kazuki is steadily preparing for the coming “that time.

At the gym he established at the end of last year. Kazuki trains daily in his hometown of Nishinari.
He said he had “no hesitation at all” in leaving the Kameda family.
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