Rirei Miura’s “luxury crab restaurant dinner” that this magazine saw. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rirei Miura’s “luxury crab restaurant dinner” that this magazine saw.

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Mr. Miura walking along the shopping street after enjoying a crab dinner.

His office is located in a prime downtown location, and his home is an ultra-luxurious condominium of over 150 square meters, known to be home to many celebrities and entertainers. According to one theory, the rent exceeds 2 million yen. Rurei Miura, 42, an international political scientist, usually drives a luxury foreign car with a chauffeur and professes to be a “Dolce & Gabbana lover. But what will become of her “celebrity life” in the future?

When her husband Kiyoshi Miura, 43, the head of investment firm Tribay Capital, was arrested on March 7 on suspicion of embezzling 430 million yen in business, she said

I learned of the arrest of my husband, Kiyoshi Miura, through some news reports.

I learned from some news reports that my husband, Kiyoshi Miura, had been arrested,” she commented. When interviewed directly by various media outlets, including this magazine, Rurei has continued to take an attitude as if she were taking care of something else.

She made a statement saying, “I will continue to support my husband and watch the transition.

But her true intentions are not at all clear. A staff member of a TV program on which she appeared regularly said, “As far as we know, the couple is getting along well.

As far as we know, the couple was on good terms. However, even though they are husband and wife, they are both working in completely different fields, and their power relationship is completely equal. They may talk about their common work, but if Rurei is really not involved in this case, then it is understandable that she would have that attitude.”

This magazine once witnessed Mr. Rurei in his private time in May 2006. Around 6:00 p.m., Mr. Rurei was walking along a shopping street in Tokyo, holding hands with his daughter, who was carrying a school bag. On the way, he pointed to a crab restaurant and said to his daughter, “Do you want to have dinner here? He pointed out a crab restaurant and said to his daughter, “Would you like to have dinner here? Two hours later, the owner of the restaurant and Rurei, who had come out to see her off, chatted for a while. It seemed that he was a regular customer of the restaurant.

She also has a villa in Nagano and has considerable assets. Even if she doesn’t return to TV, there are plenty of places where she can be active, such as on YouTube. I think she is smiling with a smile on her face.

Miura is not willing to give up her celebrity lifestyle so easily.

Miura in 2018, when she was a regular on information programs.
  • PHOTO Keisuke Nishi

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