The highest sales is 6 million yen a month! The number of reservations exceeds 100, the highest in Japan… A popular therapist talks about the reality of the female sex industry. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The highest sales is 6 million yen a month! The number of reservations exceeds 100, the highest in Japan… A popular therapist talks about the reality of the female sex industry.

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Ms. YOHITO, a therapist who agreed to be interviewed. He is one of the most popular therapists in the industry’s largest “Secret Base Group.

Many women are interested in sex, so they secretly look up women’s sex services on the Internet. However, the psychological hurdle is high when it comes to actually using them. However, in recent years, women have started to share their own experiences on SNS and YouTube, and I think this hurdle is getting lower and lower.

Shintaro Azumao, manager of the Tokyo Secret Base, a women’s sex store, said, “In the past few years, the number of women-only sex shops has been increasing. The women-only sex industry has been very active in the past few years. According to a major sex industry information site, the number began to increase around 2006, and as of February 2011, there were more than 100 such establishments in Tokyo alone.

In fact, the “Secret Base Group,” with the Tokyo Secret Base head office as its flagship store, has continued to expand rapidly, with 80 stores nationwide and more than 1,000 therapists in seven years since its establishment. What are women looking for when they use the female entertainment industry? We asked Mr. YOHITO, 31, a top therapist at the Tokyo Secret Base head office, about the reality of the business, which has the highest sales of 6 million yen and the highest number of reservations in Japan, with 100 offers per month.

In my case, many of my clients are couples in their mid-30s to mid-40s. Most of them have husbands or partners. I sell my technique, so I feel that’s what they come to me for.

Surprisingly, YOHITO has many customers who are married couples. The reason they nominate me is to ask for instructions on technique.

Many of my clients apply their experiences with me to their partner’s activities,” he says. After all, there are a lot of couples who don’t have sex, and the main reason is that the woman is not satisfied. I’m like a doctor for that. I’m like a doctor for that. Please tell me how to do it. (laughs). When I get reports from customers that their problems have been resolved, I feel like I’m contributing to society, not just joking around.

In many cases, YOHITO’s clients have their partners’ approval to go to the female sex industry. He is also surprised to learn that “I have even been nominated by husbands as a partner for their wives.

However, Ms. YOHITO seems to be a somewhat unusual therapist; at the Tokyo Secret Base main store, half of the customers are women in their twenties. These women use sex services in a casual manner, and it seems that today’s younger generation has become less reluctant to use sex services.

One concern, he said, is still the risk of “identity theft. She revealed that the reason she chose her current workplace was because the risk was low.

The biggest concern for female sex therapists is that clients will fall in “serious love” with them. Many women fall in love with their therapists because of their good looks and skin-to-skin contact. Since this love almost never reaches its goal, the therapist needs to have a technique to fend off the woman’s feelings.

There are sometimes clients who really fall in love with me,” he said. I can tell when they are in love with me, so I explain to them that I am just doing my job. I try to maintain a sense of distance by taking precautions in advance, but I think everyone struggles with this issue.

When there is a gap in romantic feelings, they often turn into hatred. One of the important skills for a therapist is not to cause emotional trauma to women in order to avoid trouble. This is a job that cannot be done lightly.

In the end, the most important thing in this job is to be considerate of the other person, isn’t it? I know it sounds contradictory, but it is okay to have good technique but not so good at it. Many women like it when I do it with sincerity. If you treat them like a princess with sincerity and sincerity, it will be an extraordinary experience for them.

Men and women seem to be the same in that they are both looking for pleasure, but what lies at the root of their desire may be completely different. Manager Dong Qing says, “My previous job was in a soap shop.

My previous job was a manager of a soap shop, but men and women are completely different. Women, like men, have sexuality as their entrance to the sex industry. But ultimately, women cannot feel happiness unless their hearts are satisfied. Therefore, I think that the therapist’s job is to find out what needs to be done to satisfy women’s hearts through sexuality.

As long as there are women who seek services that “fill their hearts to the core,” therapists will continue to respond to their wishes even today.

During the interview, she always had a smile on her face. Even the male reporter who conducted the interview was smitten by their friendliness.
  • Interview and text by Kana Kaneda

    Kana Kanada was born in 1987. After working in the esthetic industry for 16 years, she was involved in store consulting and marketing in the female entertainment industry for 3 years. Currently, she is involved in a wide range of activities from PR activities for "findom" to management of the women's sex industry information site "FEMTASY".

  • PHOTO Hiroyuki Komatsu

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