The wall of Shiyoh Hirano that cannot be overcome… “National treasure-class handsome” Ren Nagase “Two outstanding persons were born at the same time” Sadness | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The wall of Shiyoh Hirano that cannot be overcome… “National treasure-class handsome” Ren Nagase “Two outstanding persons were born at the same time” Sadness

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Nagase, who will remain at Johnny’s after May, photographed in August 2020.

The unlucky birth of the same generation.

It is a word often used in the world of sports, but in the past few years, it has become a common phrase in the idol world as well. That is because of the appearance of Shiyoh Hirano (26) and Ren Nagase (24) of “King & Prince.

The two debuted in 2018 as members of the group. Both have gained phenomenal popularity due to their orthodox prince looks that look like they came out of a shoujo manga. However, it was Hirano who has always been in the limelight the most.

An interview writer familiar with Johnny’s’s affairs said, “Hirano’s debut song, ‘Cinderella,’ was a hit.

Hirano had by far the largest number of center parts in their debut song “Cinderella Girl,” both in singing and dancing. Hirano also took on the challenge of starring in movies and TV dramas at the same time as her debut. It was clear that the Kimpuri office’s intention was to go with Hirano.

Hirano’s movies in which she played the lead roles continued to be big hits. The year after his debut, he was inducted into the “ViVi” women’s magazine’s popular “National Treasure Ranking of the Best Looking Men” for the second year in a row. His popularity has become so great that he can be called a social phenomenon. Nagase, on the other hand, started appearing in TV dramas and starred in movies after Hirano. He was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for the second year in a row after Hirano. Although he was a good dancer, he was compared to Hirano, who was also a genius and was so much better than Hirano that he could not become the best in all areas.

He also won a championship in Johnny’s Jr. ……

Hirano looks serious on location for a drama, photographed in September 2022.

Nagase is a gem of a talent, one of the best in 10 years. He was just born in the same era as Hirano. …… Another entertainment reporter familiar with the situation of Johnny’s said the following.

In the Johnny’s Jr. number one competition broadcast in 2014, Nagase beat out Hirano to win the championship. As this shows, Nagase was originally supposed to be at the top and walk on the path to the sunshine. However, he has always been behind Hirano. It must have been a shame for Nagase to feel ashamed of his position.

However, it is already known that Hirano will leave the group and his office on May 22. The office’s support made it possible for Nagase to play a starring role one after another. With the support of his office, he has been cast in a succession of leading roles in dramas and movies.

However, the shadow of Hirano is beginning to haunt the future of the company, according to …….

The first time I played the lead role in a series of dramas last year, I had to go back to the studio to get the lead role. The drama series in which he played the lead role for the first time last year was a disaster, with an average rating of 4.4% for all episodes. Also, the drama in which she is currently co-starring with Suzu Hirose has also seen its ratings drop to the 5% range, despite the fact that it was a ringing success. The drama in which Hirano starred in the previous season was well received with an average rating of 7.4%, so the clear difference between the two is clearly apparent.

Nagase’s starring movie also ended up with insufficient numbers compared to Hirano. He has something to shine as an actor, but to tell the truth, he is the type of actor who can charm with his strong performance in a supporting role. However, as a Johnny’s talent, he is expected to be as brilliant as Hirano in a dominant leading role. This is a critical moment for him. I hope that he will show off his talent to the fullest.

Because they were born in the same era, they may have developed their talents through friendly competition. The results will naturally follow.

Hirano repeatedly dashing with Kento Nakajima (left) on location for the drama, photographed in February 2020.
Hirano looks serious on location for the drama, photographed in September 2022.
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