Popular Rapper SATORU″ Disappeared” Riot, Girlfriend “Runa Shimotsuki” Confesses “Whether it was staged or not, I don’t know…” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Popular Rapper SATORU″ Disappeared” Riot, Girlfriend “Runa Shimotsuki” Confesses “Whether it was staged or not, I don’t know…”

Missing from the martial arts event "Breaking Down

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Luna Shimotsuki was interviewed at the editorial office of this magazine. She looked a little tired. She is still waiting for her lover’s return.

She said, “I found his trousers in his room, and his favorite accessories were still there. Anyway, I am so worried about him now. I can’t wait to meet him and talk to him.

It has already been three weeks since the disappearance of popular rapper Satoru (25). Last year, Satoru participated in “Breaking Down,” a martial arts event hosted by Mirai Asakura, and his flamboyant clothes and strong character made him an instant hit. He was also scheduled to participate in “Breaking Down 7” on February 19 this year, but suddenly disappeared just before the event. The day before his cancellation, he posted on his YouTube channel that he had been “attacked by someone” in a bloody state, and on February 26, he also revealed in the video that he had “fled to Brazil.

He also revealed in the video that he “fled to Brazil” on February 26.

Sexy actress Runa Shimotsuki (32), who is his “stiff lover,” spoke to the media for the first time and revealed her painful feelings.

I met him in mid-November last year. We started keeping in touch through a mutual acquaintance. We hit it off right away and started living together with SATORU living in my house. He is a flamboyant character in the public eye, but when we are alone, he is rather sweet. Even when we fight, he has a cute side where he puts a piece of paper on the table that says, ‘I’m sorry. He is also serious about his work. Whenever we decided to collaborate on a YouTube video, he would take notes and look back at the video of the collaborator before filming. I was attracted to that kind of gap.”

Their relationship was going well, but around mid-February, Satoru’s behavior gradually became strange.

When I was away from home for three days from February 10 on business in the Kansai region, I received a phone call from him in the middle of the night. He said, ‘A fortune teller told me that I was being targeted by a certain organization. Until then, I had never even heard the word “fortune teller” from his mouth. To be honest, I was puzzled, not knowing what he was talking about. The next day, I asked him, ‘Do you remember what he said yesterday?’ I asked him, ‘I don’t remember much. Maybe he was lonely.

However, Satoru’s strange behavior accelerated after that.

He often talked about a “fortune teller” and asked me, ‘Who is this teacher? When I asked him to let me see him once, he insisted, ‘No, it loses its validity. I don’t mean to deny fortune-telling itself, but to say that he is being targeted by an organization is just not right. I told him that, but he said, “Why do you say that? I’ve trusted him for a long time. Eventually, he started buying stun guns, batons, tear gas, etc., and even when he went to the convenience store, he carried a “weapon.

Finally, Satoru disappears without telling his girlfriend, Shimotsuki.

The last time I saw him was on February 16. On that day, he unusually went out in the morning. He was wearing a black jersey instead of the usual flashy one, and he was carrying a white Boston bag. I felt uncomfortable, saying, ‘You are very plain today,’ but I was too sleepy to ask him. Then that night I received a message on LINE saying, ‘I can’t go home today because I got a call from a fortune teller,’ which made no sense to me. Since then, the LINE has been unreadable, and when I have called him, he has been on the phone all the time. All of our mutual acquaintances have also lost contact with him.”

After his “disappearance,” SATORU has frequently posted videos, repeating words such as “fortune teller” and “being targeted by an organization. Therefore, some fans have suggested that it was all staged to attract attention, but how does the series of commotion appear in the eyes of his girlfriend?

How do you think the series of incidents are reflected in your girlfriend’s eyes? “To be honest, when I saw the bloody video, I felt that she was ‘pretending to be injured. I thought they were staging something strange. But the fortune teller’s story in the video was the same as the one he told me. I’m not even sure if it’s a lie or if it’s real.”

The aftermath of the Satoru fiasco has not only affected Shimotsuki, but also those around him.

I’ve caused trouble for the people involved with ‘Breaking Down,’ which I was scheduled to participate in, and people on social media are saying, ‘There’s probably a script anyway,’ but there is no script, and even if there was, I haven’t heard anything about it. I was really relieved when the video was posted saying, ‘I’m in Brazil. I hope you are safe and sound over there.”

To take responsibility as his girlfriend, Shimotsuki has announced his participation in “Breaking Down 8. I wonder if her continued concern from Japan has reached SATORU, who is on the other side of the world.

Satoru was approached by passersby on the street, and he was open to shaking hands with them and taking pictures with them.
The moment they exchanged a hot street kiss in a back alley. …… On this day, they enjoyed a two-hour food stall date at the rooster market at Asakusa’s Washu Shrine
SATORU, covered in scars, complaining that he was attacked by someone as soon as he was told his life was in danger, from his own YouTube video.
Memorabilia left at his home in Shimotsuki. Satoru’s handwritten words, “I’m sorry” and “I love you,” are also included.

From the March 24, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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