700,000 on the waiting list! 90% repeat customers! …The next move by the rumored “head massage specialty store | FRIDAY DIGITAL

700,000 on the waiting list! 90% repeat customers! …The next move by the rumored “head massage specialty store

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A “climax thaw” from -7°C… Experience first-hand the extreme blood flow relaxation that is sure to make you fall asleep!

Goku no Kimochi” is a head massage specialty store that boasts a waiting list of approximately 700,000 people on LINE. Goku SPA” is the company’s new brand, which had its grand opening in January of this year.

From Atama to Karada so far. The service, which offers the never-before-seen or heard of “peak thawing after freezing,” has already been a huge success day after day. We also heard a rumor that the average repeat rate in the industry is about 10%, but the rate is an astounding 90%, so we immediately requested an interview to experience it for ourselves!

We directly visited “Goku SPA,” a new body specialty store run by “Goku no Kimochi,” which has become a topic of conversation because reservations are hard to come by (PHOTO: Midori Yamashita).

I was put off by the -7°C freezing room!

Despite the fact that my request was based on a “no-brainer” attitude, I was unexpectedly and readily given the go-ahead, and in no time at all we were on the day of the interview. The store is located in a building along Meiji-dori, halfway between Shibuya and Harajuku. As I got off the elevator, I met Ms. Hida, the therapist in charge of the day’s treatment and interview (wow, she is young!). She is a very young woman.

The staff of this company is all female therapists, mostly in their 20’s. The manager, of course, is in charge of public relations and accounting. I was convinced that this is a completely flat workplace, with no manager, public relations, or accounting positions.

After a brief counseling session, we were led to the changing room. I changed into the gown provided, disinfected my feet with an alcohol sheet, put on a pair of fluffy boot-shaped room shoes, and was ready to go.

But here comes the problem. As I mentioned earlier, the most distinctive feature of this place is the “climax defrosting after freezing. In other words, before you can experience the heavenly pleasure, you are confronted with the ordeal of the freezing experience….

There are a total of four changing rooms. Lockers with locks, mirrors, and amenities such as tissues and cotton swabs are always available.
Hand warmers and boot-shaped room shoes for entering the frozen rooms. This is for beginners who are visiting for the first time.
The heavy door to the refrigeration room has a “Room for Amplification and Refrigeration” tag…
The setting of the freezing room is unmistakably -7°C. The “internal temperature” on the control panel makes me shiver. There are 4 freezing levels from 1 to 4, starting with level 1 for the first time. As the level increases, the temperature is adjusted according to what you wear and how long it takes.

Staying in the freezer at -7 degrees Celsius in a gown for 5 minutes is like a game of punishment. However, I could not resist the temptation of the pleasurable sensations that awaited me and the writer’s sense of duty, so I entered the room with warmed hand warmers in hand.

I was soon dazzled by the futuristic, mirrored interior, but it was still cold. I heard, “I’ll open the door from the outside after five minutes,” but I couldn’t take it any longer. With trembling hands, I pried open the heavy door and escaped on my own.

Shivering in the cold, I went to the treatment room where the “climax defrosting” awaited me.

The passageway, where the color of the lights change at regular intervals, is very futuristic.

We arrived at the treatment room after proceeding through the dimly lit corridor in a state of shock. After lying on the bed and taking off the gown, a blanket was placed over me, and finally the massage started on my feet. Hida’s warm hands felt so comfortable on my cold body that even though I was covering the event, I had zero confidence that I would not fall asleep at this point. I had to remember the important part of the massage while I was still conscious!

The treatment room has a total of seven seats. The dim lighting lulls you to sleep.

While oil is used to improve glide, it is clearly different from a typical rubbing and relaxing massage, and I dare to describe it as a friction style. This is “Goku SPA’s” original technique that shakes the muscles inside the cold skin to relieve tension and flood the blood flow.

It is not Itakimo-style like pressure points or meridians, nor is it smooth like an oil massage, but it strangely relaxes your whole body and makes you feel as if you are melting away. By the time I feel the custom-made bed, which looks like it has an electric blanket inside, warming up moderately, I am completely in a dream.

When Mr. Hida called out to me, I realized that 80 minutes had already passed and the treatment was over. Although I did not remember sleeping that deeply, I did not feel dull at all and woke up feeling refreshed and comfortable. I did not feel that my stiffness was eased or that I became slimmer, but rather that I felt relaxed from the inside out. Well, I guess it depends on each person.

Aiming for the world with a spa created by women who pursue pleasure

Ms. Arisa Hida (26 years old), who was in charge of the treatment and interview, is a godhand who also handles the head massage at “Goku no Kimochi.

After returning to the changing room and changing clothes, we interviewed Ms. Hida, the therapist.

Goku no Kimochi SPA Goku SPA” was born out of a casual conversation among the staff about how great it feels to take an open-air bath in winter.

Based on the experience we gained from “Goku no Kimochi,” we believe that what our customers really want is an overwhelming sense of comfort, which surpasses the effects and benefits of the baths. Pleasure is something that is felt when blood flow is stimulated, and that is what we have arrived at with this spa.

–The climax defrosting from the freezer is certainly an attraction and quite intriguing.

It’s like “just in time, or just on paper. ( LOL! ) I’m not sure if it’s just on the edge or on the edge of paper ( laughs ). But thanks to your help, we received a higher evaluation than we had imagined. With a 90% reservation rate for the next time, we even decided to open our next store only half a month after the Shibuya store opened.

We are now preparing for the opening of the Ginza branch in May. In the future, we are also considering taking revenge on the “Goku no Kimochi” New York store, which was unfortunately forced to withdraw due to the COVID-19 crisis.

–Lastly, for the many people who are still on the waiting list, do you have any tricks for winning reservations?

This is about “Goku no Kimochi. This is about ‘Goku no Kimochi’, but when you register for the waiting list on LINE We have a large number of people on the waiting list on LINE about once a month. 400 〜to 500 slots, and they are always filled within a minute or two. But before you give up there, you can also wait patiently for a cancellation to appear on the website.

If you have the time to wait, this is the most reliable way. You can also check for cancellations on Twitter You can also check for cancellations on Twitter. Twitter has a relatively small number of followers, so I think you have a lot of chances.

The system allows customers to make reservations for their next visit. This is the reason why we have so many repeat customers.

Goku SPA” offers the “world’s first entertainment-type blood flow relaxation” experience, which was originally developed for everything from the techniques, methods, and oils to the store, including the beds. You will definitely feel a sense of pleasure that you will never experience anywhere else, and you will definitely have something to talk about that you will want to brag to someone about! Oh, I should have secretly asked for an appointment for the next time.

The reception and waiting area is decorated in a natural and relaxing style.

Click here for the Goku SPA website.

  • Interview and text Sachiko Kuzuhata PHOTO by Midori Yamashita

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