Actually, “Breaking Down” was dropped in the screening process! Shocking measures taken by “Bang Nakamura” to appear in the show | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actually, “Breaking Down” was dropped in the screening process! Shocking measures taken by “Bang Nakamura” to appear in the show

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Mirai Asakura hosts “BREAKING DOWN” to determine the best fighter in a fight in one minute. On February 19, he participated in “BREAKING DOWN 7” and fought against Junji Urita. Although he lost by decision, the matchup drew a lot of attention.

Mr. Bannakamura has now become an indispensable figure in “BREAKING DOWN” along with Mirai Asakura. In fact, when he first applied for the job, he was rejected in the application screening process.

The following is an excerpt from the book ” Life is a Buzz” (published by Takarajima-sha, Inc. on February 16), which describes how he managed to win a place in “Breaking Down” after being rejected.

Mr. Van Nakamura

I am naturally aware of my growing influence within Breaking Down. Perhaps the public image is that I suddenly joined the group, suddenly became popular, and recently, including my cronies, I have built a large faction within Breaking Down.

There are two misconceptions here. The first misconception is that it was not easy to establish a position in Breaking Down. There was even a time when I was suddenly hung out to dry and on the street, rather than continuing to participate.

The second is that I don’t see a future for Breaking Down. Today, Breaking Down is extremely popular. But will it continue to be popular until next year (2024)? There is not a single guarantee that it will be around for the next couple of years, let alone the next two or three.

From my point of view, it’s someone else’s game. I have no intention of being bound by such small values as continued popularity.

In my first application to Breaking Down, I was actually rejected in the application screening process. I was not trying to hide anything. I made my case head-on, including my history with Junshi, but it seems that my writing didn’t convey my message.

The number of people who can read more than three lines of text is decreasing every year. Not many people who buy this book will actually read it all the way through, and even fewer may be able to comprehend it.

Similarly, it seems that there were no people in the Breaking Down management who could guess whether a person was right or wrong from 1,000 words (the word limit of the Breaking Down application form).

However, I do not blame them for that. I knew that whining and complaining would not lead to a solution. Right after I failed the application screening, I honestly believed that the application process would soon switch from documents to videos when I applied. And it turned out to be true, and I was invited to audition.

Since Breaking Down is visual content, it is only natural that the application would be visual, and it was even rather late. However, this is just the extent of the late-recognition idiocy that exists in any industry. Once you get a job, there is virtually no opportunity to write 1,000-word sentences, yet there are plenty of companies that try to judge people by their writing.

This is not limited to writing. Everyone tends to try to judge people and things based on conventions that have nothing to do with the essence of what is necessary. However, as long as you are on the receiving end of selection, no matter how stupid the selection criteria may be, if you do not fight within that framework, you will only be on the losing side.

I desperately thought about how I could be invited to the audition hall. How would I look on that stage? How would I appeal to the producer, Mirai Asakura to be exact?

It was all about what kind of “future” I could make Mirai feel by mixing with VAN NAKAMURA on the Breaking Down stage. To achieve this, I devised every detail, from the costumes, to the way I spoke, to the hand gestures, to the props that were projected on the stage.

Of course, I did not usually wear such a bright red suit, nor did I have a pair of glasses with red trim to match the suit. Although I don’t exaggerate my speech, I still use more intonation than usual, and although I am known as a walking book of quotations, even that is mostly due to my natural talent, it is also a result of my awareness.

This red suit is also a strategy…

And the reason why I applied for the job was to settle up and confront Junji. In order to make Ban Nakamura attractive, he needed to make the viewers feel his charm, even though he was on a par with Junji, who was a killer wordsmith. So, every time I said something, I added a hand gesture to go along with it. Mirai had a reputation for having a koala face, so I kept eating “Koala March” without mentioning it.

The audition video from that time still remains on the Internet, and I have been asked by people who have seen it whether I was indeed unable to gain momentum unless I drank alcohol. I was once asked if I could have gained momentum without drinking. The reason was that I was talking while opening a highball can, but the truth is that the contents of that can were water. I was calm and calculating. Working backwards from the goal, the objective I wanted to achieve, has become an ingrained style.

I would never lick things to the point of putting alcohol in my body, which could cloud my judgment. I was the one being selected at the time, after all.

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Mr. Nakamura ran a wide range of businesses, including a free newspaper and a delicatessen business.
Mr. Nakamura looks good in clothes other than his red suit.
Mr. Nakamura’s surprisingly cute eyes were hidden under his sunglasses

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