Spielberg, the director of the autobiographical film “Fablemans,” confesses that his own mother “had an affair with my father’s best friend. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Spielberg, the director of the autobiographical film “Fablemans,” confesses that his own mother “had an affair with my father’s best friend.

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Steven Spielberg’s first “autobiographical” film

In an interview with U.S. TV, Steven Spielberg, whose film “Fablemans” is currently in theaters, talked about his portrayal of his “mother’s affair” in the film.

Fablemans” is Spielberg’s first autobiographical film, which tells the story of Sammy Fableman, a boy who was taken by his parents to see “The Greatest Show on Earth” in 1952. As a teenager, he began editing and producing war films with his high school classmates.

This moving film depicts his life from childhood when he started filming with an 8mm camera, to his teenage years when he began editing his own films, to making war movies with his high school classmates, and eventually realizing his dream of becoming a film director. The film won Best Picture and Best Director at the 80th Golden Globe Awards. At the 95th Academy Awards, it was nominated in seven categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress.

Spielberg appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” a late-night talk show on CBS. In an interview with host Colbert, he talked about episodes of the filming of “Fablemans” and mentioned the scene of his mother’s affair.

In the film, the main character, a boy named Sammy Fableman, is editing an 8mm film of a camping trip he took with his family and his father’s best friend and co-worker, Benny, and is shocked to discover that the film shows his mother and Benny in an unusual and intimate way. Sammy begins to avoid his mother, and they eventually divorce.

The director.

As the director says, “What I’m depicting in ‘Fableman’ is not a metaphor but a memory.

This is almost a fact, as the director says, “What I depict in ‘Fableman’ is not a metaphor, but a memory. Sammy is a projection of himself, and it seems that he was indeed reluctant to portray Sammy’s discovery of his mother’s alleged affair.

In making the film, Spielberg and playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner, with whom he co-wrote the script, had talked many times over the past 17 years, and in discussing his own life in detail, he said

He said, “I told him about how I had found out that my mother was having an affair with a business partner of hers who was a good friend of hers and my father’s, and I thought that was something that never needed to be made public. I had second thoughts about it a lot.”

He said. Kushner, however, is not so sure.

That’s the MacGuffin of the film. It is the center of your life.”

He went on to say. And.

I think it’s very beautiful. Perhaps the greatest moment in the film is the ‘moment of discovery. Sam, without a doubt, has a moment of discovery.

He said. It seems that Kushner convinced the director to incorporate it into the film.

It is said that his parents’ divorce and his experience of being bullied because he was Jewish, which also appears in the film, greatly influenced his later work.

Moderator Colbert said.

When asked, “Have you ever seen [your mother’s affairs] in your daily life beyond what you see through the lens?”

Spielberg replied, “Yes.

Spielberg replied, “Yes. Because I observed my mother’s behavior and the way she glowed when she was with Bernie (the Benny character in the film). But I had no idea that that was the case. My mother had a best friend, who happened to be my father’s business partner.”

He said.

On the first day of shooting, I was told that the costume designer had come in and brought out Paul Dano as the father and Michelle Williams as the mother, wearing costumes recreated based on the director’s story.

‘I turned around and there they were, my father and mother. I suddenly started crying. I didn’t think anything of it, it just happened. Michelle ran over and hugged me. Paul came up behind me and hugged me.”

He said.

Spielberg, who faced his mother’s infidelity as a young boy, will be crowned with the Academy Award on March 13.

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