Lee Bo-mee, who announced her retirement from Japan tour, charmed her Japanese fans with “the best collection of images.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Lee Bo-mee, who announced her retirement from Japan tour, charmed her Japanese fans with “the best collection of images.”

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Lee Bo-mee shows us the size of her hands with them outstretched in a direct interview with this magazine (January 20, 2017 issue).

I am about to spend my last season on the Japan Tour this year, and it’s been 13 years since I first tried out for the JLPGA back in 2011. Looking back, I think it has been a very long time and I have enjoyed my time on tour more happily than anyone else. Thanks to the help of many people, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving my best in health for the season so far.” (original text)

On February 27, pro golfer Lee Bo-mee (34) announced through her agency that she will retire from the Japan Tour at the end of this season. In 2012, she won her first championship, and in the end, she won three tournaments and finished second in the money ranking, which made her a star in the industry.

She was a small player at 158 centimeters but weighed 56 kilograms and had a strong core and lower body. In particular, her thighs are among the strongest in the women’s professional game. She has a sharp swing created by twisting her body, and in 2012 she was ranked second in par-on-percentage” (golf magazine editor).

Her popularity was further boosted by her smile, which was said to be baby-faced. When the gallery calls out to her during a game, she looks in the direction of the call and smiles. Her charm kept golf fans glued to her face. Lee Bo-mee, who won the top prize for two consecutive years in 2003 and 2004 and reached the 15th position in the world women’s golf ranking, was always humble and courteous in dealing with the media. In January 2005, “FRIDAY” interviewed her directly at a special talk show (in Toyosu, Tokyo) held to commemorate her second consecutive year as queen of the prize money. At the end of the event, Lee Bo-mee was suddenly turned to the camera and looked surprised for a moment, but when we asked her how confident she was in her bid for a third consecutive year as queen of the money, she replied, “I’m not confident at all.

I change clubs every two years, and right now I’m having a hard time adjusting to the new clubs,” she said, revealing her feelings about the new season.

I change clubs every two years, but right now I’m having a hard time adjusting to the new clubs,” she said. Still, he concluded.

I will decide what to do this year from now on. Anyway, I will do my best to play well for the Japanese people.

He made a peace sign with both hands. Unfortunately, he had a very bad year and was said to be suffering from “burnout syndrome. He managed to get a seeding, but in ’18 he could not even maintain that seeding.

Corona was the one who pushed him even harder. She was unable to practice at a time when she was trying to revive her career and rebuild from the ground up, and she was unable to maintain her motivation and mentality due to the self-imposed quarantine and other factors.

On February 28, Lee Bo-mee appeared at the official practice session of “Daikin Orchid Ladies,” the opening round of the domestic women’s golf tour that started on March 2.

She told Nikkan Sports, “Since ’18, I’ve been having problems with my shots and swing. I couldn’t play well. After winning the money queen twice, I didn’t have a goal. I don’t really like competing because of my personality, but I was just trying my best because I love golf.

She explained the reason for her retirement. When asked about her future, she said, “I want to be free and go to many countries.

I would like to be free and visit various countries. I want to go to places like Paris and Switzerland. I want to go to places with beautiful nature.

I want to become a free person.

I want to be a free person. Japanese fans will never forget your smile.

Lee Bo-mee in plain clothes on the eve of the “Salon Pass Cup” (May 31, 2013)
Her charm point is this smile (April 26, 2013 issue)
Her core and lower body strength produced exquisite irons (April 26, 2013 issue).

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