Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto teases Masanori Hamada about his “daddy’s love affair” at the “hilarious scene | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto teases Masanori Hamada about his “daddy’s love affair” at the “hilarious scene

Only his partner could make him laugh.

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While it is Yoshimoto Kogyo’s policy to completely ignore Hamada’s “papa affair,” it seems that Matsumoto is the only one who is untouchable!

I heard they sold out!

Matsumoto-san has been teasing Hamada-san for quite some time,” he said. Even right after the ‘separation report’ came out about Mr. Hamada in January of this year, Mr. Matsumoto mentioned it in a recording of his show and made it funny. However, that comment was cut at the behest of Yoshimoto Kogyo and was not aired. The reason the teasing was lifted only recently is probably because Yoshimoto sensed the public’s temperature, saying, ‘It’s strange that Matsumoto-chan doesn’t talk about it.

Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (59) finally teased his partner Masanori Hamada (59) during the March 5 broadcast of “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukashiya Aahende! (Nippon Television Network Corporation) on March 5.

(NTV) on March 5, he said, “Bring me the French cruller!”

(NTV), he said, “Bring me the French cruller!

Of course, this was in response to a report in this magazine that Hamada cried when he received a French cruller as a gift from his “daddy’s affair” partner. To this, Hamada replied with a potshot, “I don’t like that one,” and after the broadcast, the Internet was abuzz.

But this was not the only time Matsumoto lovingly teased Hamada. On the set of “Hitoshi Matsumoto no sake tsumami ni naru hanashi” (Fuji Television Network), for which he serves as a pin MC, he went to even greater lengths to tease his partner about his “daddy’s affair,” a source who was present at the February 21 recording of the program revealed.

A source who was present at the recording of the program on February 21 revealed, “It must have been toward the end of the recording. Nobu (43) of Chidori, who co-hosts the program, was talking about how much he admires Hamada. Then, Matsumoto responded to him.

According to this source, the following talk took place during the recording.

When Nobu said, “I would like to do a sports program (like ‘Junk SPORTS’ in the future),” Matsumoto replied, “But I admire Hamada.

But I’m definitely lying about my admiration for Hamada,” commented Matsumoto.

Matsumoto commented, “But I’m absolutely lying about my admiration for Hamada. Matsumoto added, “But it’s absolutely not true that I admire Hamada.

I don’t admire him as a comedian, right? What you admire is a character who doesn’t get flamed even if he has an affair.

He asked. The following exchange ensued.

Nobu: “ Of course! It’s unprecedented. It’s a first for mankind. I heard the French cruller is selling well (laughs).

Matsumoto “ I heard it sold out the next day! (laugh)”

(Laughs.) He is emotionally unstable, isn’t he?

The guest martial artist Koji (33) and actress Miki Sakai (45) laughed hysterically at these exchanges. However, according to a source who was present at the aforementioned recording, there was an even more exciting scene that day.

When Daigo (42) of “Chidori” rejected Matsumoto’s story, Matsumoto began to talk as follows: “(Matsumoto-san) is a man who talks about women.

When Daigo commented that he had never failed to hit on a woman, Matsumoto replied, “I thought I’d just stay single and do it.

I thought I would finish being single. When I was getting married, I decided to stop. I don’t have time to be crying over a French cruller like that.”

He referred to his partner’s episode of “daddy’s affair. Nobu responded, “Isn’t that great?

I’m going to say to (Mr. Hamada), “Isn’t that the best? I’m going to follow (Hamada-san).

Matsumoto then teased Hamada further.

He said, “You were squeezing her nipples, weren’t you? You’re emotionally unstable if you do green nipples and cry when you see a French cruller.

The co-hosts laughed out loud at this tease. The content of the talk showed how much Matsumoto had paid attention to the article in this magazine.

The February 21 recording is scheduled to be broadcast in March. What is interesting is whether Yoshimoto allowed them to be broadcast as they were without any NG. A Yoshimoto source said, “The company was not happy with Hamada’s decision to air the talk show.

The company’s policy has remained unchanged since the news report: “The company’s policy is to ignore any mention of Mr. Hamada’s ‘papa-activities’ affair. Naturally, the wide variety of TV shows have been discouraged from covering the story, and none of the comedians in the company have talked about it. However, it is a different story when it comes to Matsumoto-san, who is the top of the top. Yoshimoto would like to give NG, but if we cut everything, Mr. Matsumoto might be offended. I think the on-site manager made adjustments while trying to find out what his temperature was, and they settled on cutting only the parts that were too extreme. In the end, his comments may have been as bad as those in the recent “Gaki-Tsushin” episode.

Only Matsumoto could tease his partner with such love. For fans of “Downtown,” they would have loved to see the episode aired as it was.

Hamada himself has remained unconcerned about the news, and on the March 5 broadcast of “Gaki Tashi,” he was teased by Matsumoto and laughed bitterly.

From the March 24, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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