Shizuka Kudo’s “Superfood Breakfast to Maintain Body Shape” Delights Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shizuka Kudo’s “Superfood Breakfast to Maintain Body Shape” Delights Fans!

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This is Shizuka Kudo with Koki. You can see how close they are (Photo: Yusuke Kondo)

Singer Shizuka Kudo’s “Sparkling Super Healthy Breakfast” is getting a lot of attention. Using the story function of her Instagram account, she posted a photo of a boiled egg, sliced avocado, cut banana, and yogurt in a cup on a wooden plate. She then added a single comment, “Kirari.

Kudo has been showing breakfast and lunch boxes made by herself and her second daughter Koki on Instagram. All of them not only look delicious, but also show her strong commitment to health. Although Kudo is now 51 years old, she still maintains the same figure as in the past. Perhaps the secret to her overwhelming good looks is that she continues to eat healthy food in a “fun” and “delicious” way.

The other day, Kudo and her eldest daughter, Cocomi, a flutist, appeared together on TV and caused a stir.

The two performed together in the sound stage series “Nishi Honganji Oto Butai,” which was broadcast on TBS nationwide from midnight on October 24. The “Oto Butai” series is “a musical project based on the theme of ‘the encounter between East and West’ by setting up a stage at temples that are said to be representative of Japan’s famous temples” (from the official website). This time, “Nishi Honganji Oto Butai” was recorded on September 4 without an audience. Many fans must have watched the broadcast with bated breath to see the miracle of the Kimura family performing together.

Kudo has not only achieved success as a national idol, but has also raised her two daughters to become internationally renowned talents. I can’t take my eyes off her any more. ……!

  • photo Yusuke Kondo

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