The depths of the “independent and separate residence theory” of the Akishino family and Kako, including “marriage is near” and “I want to invite people close to me”… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The depths of the “independent and separate residence theory” of the Akishino family and Kako, including “marriage is near” and “I want to invite people close to me”…

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Kako has been busy with her official duties as of late.

While Prince and Princess Akishino are moving into the new Akishino Palace, which has undergone renovations, Kako has not made any moves, leading to reports that she and her family may be living separately.

(Imperial Household journalist) “Even though the separation is taking place in the Akasaka Imperial Palace, which boasts an area of 500,000 square meters, it does not seem to be a peaceful matter.

The Akishino family has been living in a temporary residence for the past four years while waiting for the renovation work to be completed. Even though it is temporary, it is said that about 1 billion yen was spent on the construction.

The new residence is said to be twice the size of the previous one. It is said that the new residence is twice as large as the previous one. This is probably due to the fact that the number of staff members and projects related to the Imperial Family has increased as the Reiwa era approaches.

The new Akishino Palace, needless to say, is fully equipped with a living space for Princess Kako. In addition, this temporary residence is located in the same Akasaka Imperial Palace grounds and is very close to the residence of the Imperial Family. Furthermore, the temporary residence was supposed to be used as an office for staff after the family moved out. There should be no reason for them not to move, but it seems to be true that only Kako will remain here.

There are some who are trying to get a sense of the relationship between Kako and Mako and other reasons for not moving….

The “Although it is close by, if it is out of the sight of Prince and Princess Akishino, they will be able to live a very flexible life. Kako turned 28 last December. We have not heard that Mr. and Mrs. Akishino interfere excessively with Kako’s daily life, but it is no surprise that a 28-year-old woman would want to leave her parents’ home and live alone. For example, it would be convenient for her to invite her close friends and family over.

Beyond this view, the theory that “marriage is near” seems to have surfaced.

“Recently, the theory that they are about to get married has been gaining momentum, and this decision to ‘separate’ seems to be furthering that. With it being seen as a given that there is no doubt that she has a particular partner, does she want to further that relationship, or is her marriage almost finalized and she wants to make memories of her few remaining years as a bachelor? Either way, it is apparent that she wants to spend her time without worrying about Prince and Princess Akishino.

Some people are calling it “Kako’s rebellion” to continue living in her current temporary residence instead of moving into the renovated Akishino residence, but what will happen next?

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