Former Johnny’s Jr. confess their feelings in a BBC-produced documentary on Mr. Kitagawa. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Johnny’s Jr. confess their feelings in a BBC-produced documentary on Mr. Kitagawa.

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The Johnny’s s office boasts an absolute position in the Japanese entertainment industry. How will this show affect the empire?

It is sad that the boys remain loyal to Mr. Kitagawa even when these things are revealed.”

The program was met with strong criticism. This was part of the documentary “Predator: The Secret Scandal of J-Pop,” produced by BBC Two, a British public service broadcaster, which was broadcast on March 7 at 21:00 local time.

The program takes a look at the sexual assault of Janney Kitagawa (87 years old), as reported by “Shukan Bunshun” in 1999, and delves into the reality of the damage caused. At the time, Shukan Bunshun interviewed about 15 boys who claimed to have been sexually abused, and reported their testimonies and other information for 14 weeks. The report included graphic descriptions of Mr. Kitagawa’s sexual assaults, which caused quite a stir, with Mr. Kitagawa and the Johnny’s office filing a lawsuit against Bungei Shunju for defamation of character.

The BBC team began covering the story in March 2010. The BBC interviewed former TV personalities who claimed to have been victimized, as well as reporters who interviewed them at the time, and summarized their interviews in an hour-long report.

For example, here is a scene from the program. Eleven minutes into the program, the BBC interviewer reads out a confession from a former Johnny’s Jr. According to the boy’s testimony, he was sleeping at a “training camp” attended by Johnny’s Jr. when Mr. Kitagawa came and touched him on his lower abdomen. The act escalated further. The boy testified that it was very painful.

Another boy told the reporter about the time Mr. Kitagawa visited him at his home. According to the testimony, Mr. Kitagawa visited the boy, who was sleeping in the room next to his parents, touched his lower abdomen in the same manner, and engaged in the act.

The BBC reporter added: “There are other accounts like this. Japanese society must do something about it.

The BBC reporter was outraged.

The program went on, and 18 minutes into the broadcast, a former member of Johnny’s Jr. was interviewed face-to-face. The person, who introduced himself as “Hayashi,” was at a loss for words when he recalled his days in the camp’s bathhouse.

I was in the bathroom of the training camp,” he said. I was in the changing room and Janie’s hand was on my pants. I said, ‘I can take them off by myself,’ but he didn’t say a word. I was so scared. I couldn’t do anything, so he took off my pants, pants, and socks. (omission) After that, I was told by some people, “If you don’t put up with this, we won’t be able to sell it. (omitted) They massaged me all that day until late in the morning while I watched TV. (omitted) I was massaged, or rather touched. It went on until morning. I remember he kept massaging me until it became light. Other times when we stayed over, we had baths, and again at night, more than that.”

Mr. Kitagawa passed away in July ’19. His funeral was attended by many Johnny’s talents.

Several other former Johnny’s Jr. who claimed to have been victimized also appeared. However, none of them spoke ill of Mr. Kitagawa, and some of them said they still “Love” him. the BBC reporter said he could not hide his surprise at this, and said

The BBC reporter expressed his amazement, saying, “I can’t believe that after 30 years of sexual exploitation, there is still a thriving company with his name on it. Moreover, it still makes more than 500,000 pounds (about 80 million yen) every year. Part of that money comes from royalties from the celebrities Mr. Kitagawa sexually abused.”

The report raises the question, “How much of that comes from royalties from the celebrities whom Mr. Kitagawa sexually abused?

In the last part of the report, the BBC team visited Johnny’s office without an appointment. Frustrated by the response there and the reaction of security guards who told them not to show the headquarters, he said, “The company has zero attitude toward addressing the actual problem. This is an ivory tower,” he bitterly criticized.

The program concluded with the following.

The program concluded with the following statement: “So much sexual abuse is going on in plain view, and yet the silence continues. Yet the company has not acknowledged this abuse in any meaningful way, bearing Janey’s name. (Among other things, Mr. Kitagawa is protected even in death. The boys and men he abused are still around, but they will not understand what happened to them. There will be no judgment. There is little acknowledgement that children should be protected. This is the most shameful of all.”

The program has attracted a great deal of attention in Japan, and a Japanese translation is scheduled to be released in late March. How will the Johnny’s s office respond to the questions posed from abroad?

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