The man who stabbed 17 people on the Keio Line leaked his “shivering words and actions” after the crime. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The man who stabbed 17 people on the Keio Line leaked his “shivering words and actions” after the crime.

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The suspect, Hattori, was arrested. No words of remorse or apology have been issued.

“I’m frustrated that I couldn’t kill him as I planned.

The arrested 24-year-old man reportedly told an interrogator that he showed no signs of remorse.

On October 31, 17 passengers were stabbed to death in a 10-car Keio Line express train. The suspect, Kyota Hattori (24), stabbed a 72-year-old man in the chest with a knife with a blade of about 30cm in length and spread lighter oil inside the train, setting it on fire. Passengers on the train were in a panic. The train came to an emergency stop at Kokuryo Station in Chofu City, Tokyo, and Hattori was caught red-handed by responding police officers. The suspect is said to have stated his motive for the crime as follows.

“I wanted to die because I had failed at work and my friendships were not going well. I wanted to kill a lot of people to get the death penalty.

The Chofu Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department referred Hattori to the police on November 2. As the investigation progresses, the suspect’s detailed steps before the crime and his horrifying words and actions are revealed.

“Hattori was born in a public housing complex in Fukuoka City in November 1996. He was born in November 1996 in a public housing complex in Fukuoka City, in a family of four, including his parents and a younger sister who is five years younger than him. He had been working as a contractor for a major cell phone company for about three years, providing customer service and other services. However, in May this year, she had a work-related problem and left the company in June. He was also stuck in a relationship with a human being, and around this time, he became desperate and started thinking about committing mass murder.

The suspect left Fukuoka City at the end of July. After that, he went from place to place in business hotels in Kobe and Nagoya while borrowing money from consumer finance companies. The turning point came in August. He learned that a random stabbing incident had occurred on the Odakyu Line in Tokyo. Hattori must have thought that he could kill many people on the train in Tokyo, where there were many passengers. When questioned by the police, he said, “I used the Odakyu line incident as a reference.

Insecticide in the eyes of a man who warned him

At the end of September, Hattori went to Tokyo. He stayed at a 2,500-yen-per-night business hotel in Hachioji City, Tokyo, and proceeded with his preparations.

“He bought a survival knife on the Internet for the murder. For lighter oil, he went to a specialty store in Ueno’s America Yokocho and bought 10 cans (about 3.5 liters). Hattori chose Halloween, October 31, when many people were out and about, as the day of the attack. On that day, in addition to the knife, he left the hotel with five oil lighters, five spray insecticides, and a two-liter plastic bottle in his backpack.

Suspect Hattori strolled around the streets of Shibuya, which was bustling with Halloween, for about half an hour, and headed for Chofu Station on the Keio Line just before 8:00 pm. As for why he chose the Keio Line, he said, ‘I used to use it often (from Hachioji City, where he was staying). The limited express has fewer stops, so he thought he could spend more time committing the crime.

The suspect was wearing a green shirt and a purple suit that resembled the Joker from the movie “Batman”. He was sitting in the eighth car from the front, smoking a cigarette.

“What is he doing?

A 72-year-old man cautioned Hattori, who was smoking in the train. The suspect suddenly sprayed insecticide into the man’s eyes. He then thrust a knife into the man’s right chest. The knife reached his lungs, and the man became unconscious for a while, but is said to be on the mend.

“Hattori moved to the sixth car, smeared lighter oil on the floor and seats, and set fire to them. As the flames and smoke spread, passengers were saying, ‘Help! Fire! Fire! Fire!” as they ran for cover. Hattori wanders around wielding a knife, and the train is in an uproar.

When the crew learned of the commotion, they brought the train to an emergency stop at Kokuryo Station, where it was not supposed to stop. The doors did not open immediately, so many passengers had to exit the train through the windows. Sixteen men and women in their teens to 60s were transported to the hospital after being exposed to the oil.

After his arrest, Hattori made a horrifying statement.

“After his arrest, Hattori made a horrifying statement: “In order to kill a large number of people, I used a spray can of pesticide to make the flames bigger and spread them.

No apology has been forthcoming from the suspect.

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