R-1 Grand Prix” Tazu Principle Oto 470 Points Allegations of Fake Scores: What TV Personnel Reveal “What You Can and Cannot Do”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

R-1 Grand Prix” Tazu Principle Oto 470 Points Allegations of Fake Scores: What TV Personnel Reveal “What You Can and Cannot Do”.

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Minorine Tatsu, the 21st champion of the “R-1 Grand Prix 2023,” is…

There is no doubt in my mind that Norine Tatsu won this competition on her own merit, and there are no facts that would cast doubt on the authenticity of her victory.

On March 6, Kansai Television (Kantele) posted a document on the official page of “R-1 Grand Prix 2023” apologizing and explaining the misrepresentation of scores in the final competition. Kantele said

Kantele completely denies the allegations of cheating, saying, “There is absolutely no evidence that the winners were determined in advance.

Kantele completely denied the allegations of manipulation.

The final of “R-1” was aired live on January 4. Akito, who was the top batter, had not yet performed his material, but when his score was announced, it was displayed for a split second, less than one second, that he had scored 470 points.

When Tazuhara, who came in seventh, performed his material, his score was 470 points, which led to speculation that it was a fake or a contest, and the Internet was ablaze with speculation. (Sports newspaper reporter)

Kantele claimed that “the provisional data entered during rehearsals was incorrectly displayed due to an inadvertent error on the part of the production team” and that it was an “event that should not have occurred,” and that the data from the rehearsals had not been deleted. Even after the post-production verification, the cause of the problem has not yet been completely identified. The company also claims that Tazuhara’s result of “470 points” was a complete coincidence.

Could such a mistake or coincidence really happen? We asked a person from another TV station.

They also display provisional data on their monitors. If this were a fake, what would the actual procedure be? Even if the program decides on a score of 470, we don’t know how many points the judges will give.

It is not only the five judges who have to be on the same team. A large number of staff members involved in the program also have to be involved in the “fake.

In the TV station, there is a “sub control room” (commonly known as a “sub” room) where camera switching and message display operations are carried out. There, a sub-director (sub-D) controls everyone in the room, and the program proceeds according to the script and other materials. There is also a person in charge of putting out messages, etc., and a producer who checks the text.

It is impossible to make one person win by making him or her do something without involving most of the staff. If all of the staff members were station employees, it would be impossible, but since there are a considerable number of outsourced staff members, if they attempted to faked the win, rumors would spread quickly and the story would be exposed immediately. The program would be cancelled with a single shot, and if it were to go badly, the president would be fired. To put it bluntly, there is nothing but risk. In other words, I don’t think it’s possible to win the championship by faked work.

Still, it is quite probable that Tadzuhara, who came in seventh, got exactly the same score. If it is a coincidence, is there such a possibility? ……

Kantele claims that it was a complete coincidence, but the staff had seen everyone’s material from the preliminary rounds, and they must have known in advance that Tatsuhara’s material was interesting and “on the right track” to some extent. The total score of 470 points by the five judges is 94 points per person. And 470 is a high score, which is a good number. I think the scores are so high that it would not be surprising if they were coincidental, rather than a probability theory of 0 to 500 points,” said a TV station official.

The M-1 champion, Westland, had just made the comment, “There are no dreams in R-1. I hope that the champion Tazuhara, who was caught up in an unnecessary uproar, will use this adversity as a springboard for future success.

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