Too late to be found” Rofu Karma also praised! The story behind the birth of #KT-chan, the rap artist who doesn’t diss KT. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Too late to be found” Rofu Karma also praised! The story behind the birth of #KT-chan, the rap artist who doesn’t diss KT.

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#KT-chan poses in front of Kodansha

[Claire] Connecting everyone’s questions and facts! Digging in the DEEP part is awesome!

Such a user of SCOOP articles! This is what everyone expects from FRIDAY!

-Can you give us a rap that won’t be disparaged in FRIDAY?

In response to this reporter’s reckless request, “KT,” or #KT-chan (18), an active high school girl rapper, delivered a full-throated, power-packed rap complimenting “FRIDAY.

Her style of “rapping in school uniform without directly dissing others” has become popular, and she is now gaining an explosive following among teenagers in particular. Recently, her exposure on TV has increased dramatically, and some on SNS have expressed relief that she has finally begun to attract attention, saying, “It’s too late for me to be discovered. Such is the case with #KT-chan. She was originally a child actor, but why did she start rapping?

When I was talking about my future with the other child actors, they all said they wanted to be active on the stage. I said I wanted to be a stage actress like everyone else, but as I got older, I started to feel that it wasn’t right. I liked expressing myself, so when I decided to become a singer instead of an actress, I heard a cool rap part in a song I was listening to. I became interested in rapping and started to perform.

The first time she rapped in front of an audience was at the “17th High School Rap Championship.

I entered high school right around the time of the Corona. I wasn’t able to do the cultural and athletic festivals that I had dreamed of. I was afraid that I would graduate without having any memories. So I decided to audition for the high school rap championship as a commemorative event.

I started practicing freestyle two weeks before I was to compete in the rap championship. When I arrived at the venue on the day of the competition, I was surrounded by naughty-looking boys, and I began to feel more and more intimidated. It’s not the royal way to rap without smiling and directly dissing your opponent, but I’m thankful that this approach has become my personality (laughs).

Despite this being his first time on stage as a rapper, he quickly made it through the preliminary rounds. Charismatic rapper Karma Rofu (40), who served as a judge, commented, “She’s the girl version of DOTAMA.

She is the girl version of DOTAMA.

Dotama is a four-time MC battle winner who raps in glasses, tie, and suit, and Rofu described her as a female version of Dotama in that she is not the usual hip-hop style. #KT graduated from high school this month. She will only have a short time left to perform on stage wearing her school uniform, which has been her identity. We wonder what form she will take on stage in the future.

Karma Rofu told me, “It’s only after you take off the school uniform that you can compete. Even if I take off the uniform, I won’t change my current rap style, but of course I will wear a new style of clothes, and I may become a little more mature (laughs). I will stand on stage wearing the uniform one more time, but I want to make the best of it with a feeling of gratitude every time! But I still feel sad when I think about taking off the uniform.

I’m still sad when I think about taking off the uniform,” says #KT-chan, who is bewildered by the change of environment that comes to everyone, but is also looking forward to it. Her goal is to

I held my first event “KT-chan’s Harajuku Okashi Cypher” at last year’s Christmas event. It was a lot of fun. I would like to expand the scale of the event and one day hold it as a one-woman live performance. I will also work hard on TikTok and YouTube to get more people to know me! And once I’m more famous and people know me, I want to perform at “Pia Arena MM” in Yokohama, my hometown! To achieve this, I will only look forward and work harder than ever before!

I’m going to work even harder than before to achieve this! KT-chan has created a style that has never been seen before, and now that she will make her debut as a solo artist on March 1, what new scenery will she show us? We can’t take our eyes off of her.

She looked the reporter straight in the face and answered each question with full of energy.
She improvised a rap song in response to a reporter’s reckless question.
Her fashion sense shines through in the smallest details, just like an active JK.
KT-chan, a healthy beauty who doesn’t look like a rapper.
2023/3/1 DIGITAL RELEASE #KT-chan – Pee-opee feat. DJ Peko-chan (HARAJUKU OKASHI LABEL) Available on various music subscription services!
  • Photo Yuri Adachi

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