Divorced Singer Hitomi Sato Talks About Her Love Life and Her Dreams When She Was a Rookie | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Divorced Singer Hitomi Sato Talks About Her Love Life and Her Dreams When She Was a Rookie

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Hitomi Sato, popular for her savage mannerisms

On February 23, Sato filed divorce papers at the ward office in Tokyo. The divorce is due to the fact that both of them prioritize their work so much that their lives have diverged and their values have become increasingly different.

Actress Hitomi Sato (43) and actor Kei Hosogai (38) have divorced, and both their offices have jointly issued comments. The two divorced after only three years and four months of marriage, but what exactly happened between them?

The two have been working together since their teenage years, and Sato has appeared in many films as an actor, but he has gained popularity on variety shows for his outspoken, direct mannerisms. It was during this time that he met Hosogai, who was five years younger than him.

In 2017, they co-starred in a play and hit it off because of their love of drinking. They were drinking buddies for a while, but Sato was aware of Hosogai as a man from the beginning, according to a friend.

At the time they met, Sato was 37 years old. He wanted to have a child, but until then he had told everyone around him that he had ‘bad luck with men’ and seemed to have given up on marriage. Right around that time, she succeeded in losing more than 10 kilograms through a Lizap project, which boosted her confidence and led her to make a strong appeal to Hosogai to get married.

It is a truly dynamic episode that is typical of Sato, but after his marriage, he also showed his cute side. According to “WEB Josei Jishin” (delivered on December 25, 2019), she diligently researched cooking recipes for Hosogai, who is very particular about food, and worked hard to manage her husband’s health by choosing drinks with low sugar content so he would not gain weight from drinking.

Hosogai, on the other hand, also

She said at the time of their marriage announcement, “I was attracted to Sato’s attentiveness and kindness amidst his boldness, as well as the loving way he treats his parents and family members.

She is a very service-oriented woman.

She is very service oriented and shows her “exuberance” on variety shows, but in her private life she is a very cautious person and not good at love. It seems that she wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible after her marriage, but she was too busy with her work to tell Hosogai about it. That may have been one of the reasons for the divorce.

In fact, “FRIDAY” interviewed Sato in 1995, shortly after her debut. At the time, she was still in her first year of high school. In December of the same year, she made her debut as the heroine in the two-hour drama “Umi ga Kikoeru – Ai ga Aru Kara Kara” (TV Asahi).

I have wanted to be an actress since I was in the early grades of elementary school,” said Sato, who has dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood.

Sato fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an actress.

I think I’ve gained some weight,” she said.

To be honest, I don’t like to be photographed in a swimsuit.

I’m not sure if I’ve gained some weight,” she said, showing her naïve side. The drama is set in Kochi Prefecture. It is based on a novel by Saeko Himuro, which depicts the coming-of-age story of a local high school student and a high school girl who transfers from Tokyo, and is a well-known masterpiece that Studio Ghibli produced as an animated TV series. The role of Sato’s lover was played by Shinji Takeda (22, at the time), who Sato is a big fan of. Sato was so fortunate that he said to me

I’m a huge fan! I actually had the opportunity to work with him, and he is a very kind person who is very considerate to me as a newcomer.

She was thrilled. On the other hand, when asked about her love life, she replied, “I don’t have a difficult love life like in dramas.

He was shy, saying, “I’m not really into difficult relationships like in dramas…”

He was very shy.

Although their marriage didn’t work out, fans love Sato’s exuberant laugh and straight-talking without any teeth. Fans are waiting to see Sato’s smile on variety shows.

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