Toru Hashimoto, a member of the same “Shimada Shinsuke Family,” responded, “Expulsion is too much. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Toru Hashimoto, a member of the same “Shimada Shinsuke Family,” responded, “Expulsion is too much.

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Rep. Garcie (left), who is scheduled to return to Japan, and Hashimoto (right), who takes the opposite position regarding his expulsion (from Garcie’s official YouTube channel).

Former Osaka Mayor and lawyer Toru Hashimoto appeared on “Sunday News THE PRIME” (Fuji TV) on March 5. He commented on the punishment of Mr. Gershey (Yoshikazu Azumaya), a member of the NHK party, for his continued absence from the Diet and his “apology.

He said, “It is very dangerous to remove a dissident member of the Diet.

Expulsion is too much.

He also expressed his personal opinion that the expulsion was too much.

Gershey, who currently resides in Dubai, said that he would like to return to Japan to apologize, but that he is not sure if he will be arrested upon his return to the U.S. Before returning to Turkey, however, he intends to stop by the areas hit by the earthquake to help with reconstruction efforts.

According to Gershwin, he will visit Istanbul as a member of the Turkish parliament because he received a reply from a government official saying that he could stop by Turkey as long as the area was not dangerous. He had already dyed his hair from blonde to black to apologize.

He also insisted that he had already “held back” his plane ticket for the 8th to return home, but he also suggested that he might not return home. If he does not return to Japan, the government will try to crush him at any cost,” said a TV station insider.

Hashimoto offered a helping hand to the Congressman, who was under siege.

Hashimoto said on the program that it is old-fashioned to think that Diet members cannot do their jobs unless they come to the House of Representatives, and he argued that they should be able to do their jobs remotely. However, he said that the current law requires “attendance at the House of Councillors,” and that Mr. Gershey should follow the law and make efforts to revise the law as a Diet member in the future.

On the other hand, he also objected to the punishment of expulsion (disqualification from the Diet) if he does not apologize.

He said, “I think that expelling him for this is too much. Higashitani-san received about 290,000 votes.

Mr. Azumaya was elected on the promise that he would not attend the Diet meetings and that he would engage in activities as a Diet member in that manner.

As a reason for opposing his expulsion from the Diet, he said

He said that the reason for his opposition to expulsion was that “the majority of the Diet members who oppose the regime are to be eliminated. This happened before the war, and it also happens in countries where democracy has not yet matured. It is also the case in countries where democracy has not yet matured, where anti-establishment members of parliament are eliminated. I think the possibility that this could lead to this is very dangerous.

Hashimoto said that only the voters can strip lawmakers of their authority and that he should ask them to vote for him in the next election.

Hashimoto said, “As a lawyer, I think he always gives his opinions in accordance with the law and standards. He tries to make decisions within the rules rather than being influenced by the sentiments of lawmakers and the public.

But if the legislators, police, etc. get serious, they can probably destroy the garcier legislators within those rules. That is why Senator Garcey seems to be troubled by the fear of state power.

(A source close to the wide-open TV show) Although it is reassuring to know that Mr. Hashimoto, a member of the “Shimada Shinsuke Family,” is on the same side as Senator Gershii, we wonder if he will ever return to Japan.

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