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University Associate Professor Who Tried Marriage Apps Using His Knowledge of Economics and Marketing Reveals “App Marriage Activity Strategy”

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Professor Takahashi speaks calmly in a quiet tone of voice

A university professor challenged himself to conquer a matching app using his knowledge of economics and marketing, “About a university professor who tried a matching app and learned everything from business administration to economics and marketing.” (Cross Media Publishing) is a hot topic. The author is Takenori Takahashi, 49, an associate professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University. His specialty is business administration, but he is also known for his book “Nuptial Activity Strategy,” which focuses on the topic of marriage activity.

While “Marriage Activity Strategy” is an academic book, this book is a business book, and “I made it in the form of a personal novel so that anyone can read it easily,” says Professor Takahashi.

Strategizing Marriage Activity through Marketing Activities

In this book, the main character, Mr. Yamaguchi (35), a university faculty member, suddenly decides to engage in marriage activity and starts using a matching application. He applies his knowledge of marketing theory, economics, and business administration, which are his specialties, to his strategy. The basis of his strategy is based on Takahashi’s own experience.

He says, “As a general premise, I am not a romantic person, and I have only had a few relationships with women. Usually I can have a conversation with them because of our relationship as teacher and student or author and editor, but in private, I honestly can’t even make eye contact with them. But of course I wanted to get married. 12 years ago, a major marriage activity app called “Pairs” was launched, and since I like new things, I tried it for about a month and a half. I was still young at the time, and I must have been of marriageable age, but I didn’t match with anyone until the end. I was still young and in my prime for marriage, but I couldn’t match with anyone until the end. I was in a state of mind like that.

Mr. Yamaguchi in his book also had the exact same experience. He came up with the idea of treating marriage activity as a marketing activity. His first steps were as follows.

1. Utilize “4P/4C Analysis” to create a profile of yourself that makes women want to meet you.

4P/4C analysis is a method of organizing and analyzing a company’s products and services from the perspective of the company (Product/Price/Place/Promotion) and the customer (Customer Value/Customer Cost/Customer Convenience/Communication). This is a method of organizing and analyzing your products and services from the customer perspective (Product/Price/Place/Promotion) and the customer perspective (Customer Value/Customer Cost/Customer Convenience/Communication). In order to meet women through apps, it is necessary to create a profile of yourself, the “company side,” so that women, the “customers,” will be willing to spend money to meet you. Create a profile that appeals to the greatest common denominator of women.

2. Utilize “STP analysis” to narrow down the type of women you prefer.

As a result of #1, the PV of the profile increased, but no matches were made. The reason for this was that the age, occupation, and other attributes of the women viewing the profiles varied. Based on STP analysis (a marketing method to determine business strategies based on segmentation of customer needs, target selection, and positioning to gain a competitive advantage), he decided to use STP analysis to identify women he should target. Based on this method, the company narrowed down the age, educational background, hobbies, values, etc. of the women it should target and limited its approach to only those women who fit the target.

3、Use “lead user theory” to further increase the success rate of matching

In order to increase the success rate of matching, the “lead user theory” was utilized. This is the idea that focusing on lead users, who pay attention to new products before others, can open up a different management path than usual. ” is expected to be less competitive. As a result, she signed up for a “circle” on the app, where people with the same interests and tastes gather, with few members.

His hobbies are motorcycles and fishing. Dr. Takahashi is a “good-looking man” in both appearance and career.

What are the characteristics that make you stand out from the crowd for women? That’s what makes you “valuable.

After that, Mr. Yamaguchi steadily increased his PV and the number of matches by making full use of his numerous theories, and even managed to get a date with a girl who was sometimes caught up in daddy’s activities. This is just one of Mr. Yamaguchi’s episodes described in this book, but it is also an actual experience of Mr. Takahashi.

There were three or four people I matched with. But after a few words like, ‘Hello,’ ‘What kind of work do you do,’ and ‘What do you do on your days off,’ the replies would stop coming. Perhaps the women are inundated with dozens of applications, so they don’t talk to anyone except the ones they like.

There are no relationships on the application. The only evaluation of a person is their bare specs. If you compare the specs according to the database, a person with an annual income of 10 million yen, who would normally be considered high-spec, is only one of many people with an annual income of 10 million yen on the app. 10 million yen is the average, so his or her value is lost and he or she becomes powerless. If you line up good-looking people, then being good-looking becomes worthless. If you line up the educated people, Tokyo University is normal, and Harvard or the like would be worthless. Only those who are truly outstanding and valuable will be popular in the application.

However, the reality is that there are very few men with that kind of value. So far, isn’t it ultimately impossible to capture them? One would think so.

When I published “Marriage Activity Strategy” and became a bit famous through media coverage, I received many e-mails from women and parents with daughters around the age of six months asking, “Would you like to meet on what date? I received a number of e-mails from women and parents with young daughters asking, “What date would you like to meet? I realized then that this was my outstanding value! I realized that this was my outstanding value and added it to Yamaguchi’s story. You don’t always know your own value. Even if you don’t think of it as a value, if you find something that is even slightly different from others, you may be surprised to find that there is value in it, and that may be your strength.

This may be your strength,” said Dr. Takahashi in his analysis.

This is a method using the legitimization strategy in business administration, which leverages the power of social reality that everyone trusts unconditionally to increase name recognition and purchase behavior, just as a product introduced by a celebrity on TV or in a magazine becomes a hit. Mr. YAMAGUCHI, an associate professor at a university, is also advancing to the final phase of matching application marriage activity with positive results by promoting in his profile that he was interviewed for his dissertation. Of course, whether you can conquer marriage activity if you follow these steps is a thousand different things. Some may not work. Even if your marriage activity does not go well, there are advantages to using matching apps, depending on how you use them.

Matching apps attract all kinds of people, from those looking for a marriage partner to those looking for someone to have dinner with tonight,” he said. And yet, it may be reasonable, especially for young people, in that it is not overly intrusive or overly hurtful. There may be a way to use matching apps to fill a certain kind of loneliness, even if only for a moment. And if you do it right, even the romantically vulnerable can get dates, and even find someone to marry.”

You who are blurting out, “I’m not getting any matches at all…” may also be able to take advantage of the apps depending on how you use them. If you are having trouble with your marriage activity, please take a look at this app.

If you are worried about your marriage life, I highly recommend you to pick up this book, “A University Professor Tries Matching Apps and Learns Business Administration, Economics, and Marketing. (Cross Media Publishing).

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