Rirei Miura, who says “I make more money than you,” adds fuel to the fire… TV stations are surprised at the “number of women who don’t like her” and the “amount of anti-men” she has. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rirei Miura, who says “I make more money than you,” adds fuel to the fire… TV stations are surprised at the “number of women who don’t like her” and the “amount of anti-men” she has.

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Rurei Miura is still absent from regular programs and other appearances. If her husband’s suspicions are cleared, will she be able to return to the TV world?

In recent years, I have earned more money than her.

These are the words of Rurei Miura in an interview with the weekly photo magazine “FLASH.

It has been a long time since Miura, an international political scientist, disappeared from the public eye. Her husband Kiyoshi’s investment and consulting company for solar power generation has been raided by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on suspicion of fraud, and this has had an impact on Ms. Miura.

She has been absent from “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network), an information program for which she serves as a commentator on Thursdays, for six consecutive weeks, and at the station’s regular presidential press conference held on February 24, Takeshi Kobayashi, executive managing director, commented on her absence from the program, saying, “I think it is a comprehensive decision.

“I think it would be best if it is taken as an overall decision.

He explained, “I hope it can be taken as a comprehensive decision.

On the other hand, he did appear on TOKYO FM’s radio program “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” broadcast last month. He has resumed posting on Twitter and Instagram, which he had temporarily stopped updating. According to a person involved in broadcasting.

Ms. Miura claims to have no contact with her husband’s business, but the impression is that it is gray. Unless she explains the details of her husband’s business, it will be tough on terrestrial broadcasting, where compliance is strict.

The report said, “Until then, Ms. Miura had been a bit of a shyster.

Until then, Mr. Miura’s good looks and intellectual image as a graduate of the University of Tokyo made him a sought-after figure on TV. However, if he is cleared of the allegations, it does not appear that he will be able to return to work immediately.

What surprised me about the whole debacle was the number of anti-protesters,” he said. The fact that he has little support from women in particular has been exposed. We had been treating them as if they were like a well-liked celebrity, but it seems that we will be forced to reevaluate our approach in the future.

This is where Mr. Miura’s comment comes in.

This is what Mr. Miura had to say when FLASH asked him for his opinion on the “whether men should treat women to drinks” controversy that started with a certain sexy actress.

Mr. Miura confessed that even married couples are financially independent of each other. He then said that when it comes to paying the bill for a meal, “I think it’s better if I pay.

There are times when the man can be more free if I pay the bill. It is easier for me to remove the psychological burden of always having to buy a woman a drink.

He said in a brilliant manner.

She also referred to the “Josei Jishin” report of her daily dates with men other than her husband, which was reported under the headline “Folded Arms, Leaning Back” in the magazine. After denying that they were man and wife, she revealed that she had paid for a bottle of wine for the dinner at the hotel’s bar.

She said, “I was consulted, so it’s polite to pay.”

He said, “Since I was consulted, it is polite to pay for it.

On the other hand, she also commented on her “relationship” with Mr. Kiyoshi, which seemed to be dry.

She said, “Not every day, but I make lunch for my husband.

She also said that she is the type of person who has a service-oriented spirit, such as buying sweets for everyone in the office.

I’m the type of person who has a service mentality,” she said.

I do 80% of the housework and pay the bills, so I guess feminists don’t like me.

I do 80% of the housework and pay the bills, so I guess feminists don’t like me,” she said with a relaxed air.

Throughout the entire interview, I sensed her self-esteem, as she said, “Don’t look at me like I’m pathetic. Even though she is affected by her husband’s troubles, she does not change her own style. This may irritate women, but it is also her characteristic.

People who have worked with Mr. Miura say, “He is quick-witted and has a good sense of humor.

She is quick-witted and considerate. She also has an elegant sex appeal. I don’t understand why she is being beaten up so much.

I don’t understand why he is being beaten up so much.

Some people say things like, “I don’t understand why they are beating her up so much. I hope that one day we can come to an understanding with the anti-protesters…

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