The secret of being able to act is drugs… “Korean Sei Tanaka” “used 4.4 liters of drugs in one year” too painful defense. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The secret of being able to act is drugs… “Korean Sei Tanaka” “used 4.4 liters of drugs in one year” too painful defense.

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Yoo at a Netflix event in August 22 (Image: REX/Afro)

Sedatives prescribed 73 times at the hospital over the course of a year amounted to more than 4.4 liters.

Famous South Korean actor Yoo Ah In, 36, is under intense police scrutiny for overmedication. Food and drug safety authorities questioned how often Yoo was prescribed the sedative propofol. They asked the police to investigate.

Upon receiving the request, the Seoul Police Department’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit executed a search warrant at Incheon International Airport on February 5 for Yoo upon his return from the United States, and conducted a simple urine test. As a result, he tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, the main ingredient in marijuana.

The National Forensic Science Institute also examined his hair and found four narcotic ingredients, including propofol, cocaine, and ketamine, in addition to marijuana. The police are investigating the case on the assumption that Yoo was using drugs on a daily basis.

Yoo is one of Korea’s top actors. He has appeared in numerous films, including the movie “Antique” and the drama “The Man Who Couldn’t Get Married,” and has won many titles, including the Best Actor Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards (for the movie “The King’s Fate”). He is highly popular in Japan, where he has held several fan meetings.

Yoo is a graduate of Dankook University, one of the most prestigious art schools in Korea. He is probably one of the most sought-after actors in Korea, having successfully played a variety of roles, including a boxer, a genius pianist, and a student with bad behavior. Recently, he became the talk of the town when he played the role of an executive of a troubled religious organization in the Netflix drama series “Hell is Calling.

A Spectacular Condition.”

Yoo’s bizarre and often controversial behavior (Image: Afro)

However, Yoo dropped out of “Hell is Calling” from season 2 due to drug overdose allegations. The role of the executive was replaced by Kim Sung-chul.

Yoo has been called the “Korean Sei Tanaka (sentenced to one year and four months in prison for methamphetamine use and other crimes)” because of the variety and quantity of drugs he used. Yoo has long been questioned for his strange behavior. According to the Korean media outlet KOREA W AVE, at a preview of the movie “Veteran” held in July 2003, he said, “I was watching my performance in a helter-skelter state.

When asked by a co-star about the true meaning of ‘goofing off,’ he is reported to have replied. ‘You ask a tough question. The secret to being able to act is drugs. I try to relax as much as possible. Other than that, many strange things have been pointed out, such as her unusually long conversations during TV appearances and her excessive sweating.

According to the Korean broadcaster MBC, the director of the hospital in Seoul that Yoo attended frequently sent e-mails to warn him that he might be undergoing too much sleep anesthesia and that he should not move hospitals (because it would be seen as a problem). The police have confiscated medical records and other documents from the hospital in question.

Following the police interrogation and the media reports, Yoo’s side made the following statement: “Yoo has a phobia of acrophobia, such as injections. Yoo has a phobia of injections and other acrophobia, and we have heard that he frequently asked for sedative anesthetics. His agency announced its intention to cooperate fully with the investigation, saying, ‘We will respond in good faith if the police make a request.

The police have analyzed Yoo’s 460,000 e-mails and SNS messages over a period of eight years and are investigating him on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Yoo’s bizarre and often controversial behavior (Image: Afro)
Yoo has often caused controversy with his bizarre behavior (Image: Afro)
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