Masami Nagasawa’s “Bold and Rough T-Shirt and Blue Pants” Delighted Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masami Nagasawa’s “Bold and Rough T-Shirt and Blue Pants” Delighted Fans!

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Nagasawa at a film festival event (AFLO)

Actress Masami Nagasawa’s “too cute and rough t-shirt and blue pants” is very popular. “She appeared in a new TV commercial for Kubota called “Kubota’s Vision of the Future: Deep Recycling Technology”, and comments of praise such as “I think she is the most beautiful actress, not only with her beautiful face, but also with her long arms and legs”, “She is a stunning beauty”, “Her proportions are outstanding”, and “She is very beautiful among actresses” were seen online. Her proportions are excellent.

Kubota has been using Nagasawa in their commercials since 2017, and she is already a familiar face. In this commercial, Nagasawa is wearing a light blue T-shirt and a brown jacket. She is wearing a light blue t-shirt and a brown jacket with blue pants underneath, giving her a hippie look. Her very short haircut is also very cute and adorable.

In addition to Nagasawa, actor Sarutoki Minagawa and comedian Pacun also appear in the commercial. The setting is a flea market, and Minagawa and Nagasawa are setting up their stalls next to each other. Nagasawa blurts out to Minagawa, “That customer is complaining,” and a customer with a product from Minagawa’s store asks, “Isn’t this garbage? Nagasawa then asks Minagawa, “Isn’t this garbage? Then Nagasawa said to Minagawa, “Calm down. The person next to you will argue with you. Then Pacun appears and says, “No, it’s all a valuable resource.

This time, Nagasawa smiles at Minagawa and says, “I’m going to raise the issue. When Pacun started to talk about how the earth will be …… if we don’t eliminate the concept of garbage, Nagasawa stood up and said, “Don’t worry, Kubota will take care of that. Nagasawa played the role of a mysterious character who can somehow see the future.

Nagasawa is also starring in the movie “Masquerade Night” with Takuya Kimura, which is now in theaters. It is a mystery movie in which Kosuke Nitta, an undercover police officer played by Takuya Kimura, and Naomi Yamagishi, a first-class hotelier played by Nagasawa, are a unique pair of professionals who take on a murder case. The film is set at a New Year’s Eve countdown party where the killer of unsolved time appears.

This year, Nagasawa gave a great performance in the sequel to the much talked about drama “Dragon Cherry Blossom. She has evolved into a great actress and we can’t take our eyes off her more and more. ……!

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