A former Nerima ward assemblyman who resigned after being caught having an affair with a beautiful ward assemblyman reveals his “open-air bath affair” with a beautiful ward assemblyman! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A former Nerima ward assemblyman who resigned after being caught having an affair with a beautiful ward assemblyman reveals his “open-air bath affair” with a beautiful ward assemblyman!

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I apologize for the trouble I have caused to many people, including those who supported me. I have resigned from the council as of March 1 as a way of putting my affairs in order. From now on, I intend to help Mr. Tachibana’s campaign, which caused me so much trouble.”

Mr. Matsuda in an interview with our magazine.

With a stern expression on his face, Wataru Matsuda, 39, a former Nerima Ward assemblyman belonging to the NHK Party (hereafter referred to as the “N Party”), said, “I am going to help Mr. Tachibana, who has caused me so much trouble.

On February 23, FRIDAY Digital reported on Matsuda’s affair with Naho Hashiguchi, 46, a ward assembly member of the Tokyo Metropolitan People’s First Party, based on the testimony of Miki, 35, Matsuda’s wife. On February 23 last year, when Miki examined Matsuda’s smartphone, she discovered a history of naked LINE talks with Hashiguchi and reservations for a private open-air bath. Mr. Matsuda admitted the affair on the spot and apologized to Ms. Miki.

After the news report, I had no conversations with my wife and the atmosphere was awkward, but now our conversations are gradually increasing and we are getting back to our normal relationship. Since the revelation of the affair with Mr. Hashiguchi, I haven’t gone out for drinks, and during breaks between sessions of the Congress, I have video calls with my wife on LINE, and when the Congress is over, I go straight home.

He said he has refrained from any contact with Mr. Hashiguchi, and has not even greeted him, even though they belong to the same congressional group.

I haven’t talked to Mr. Hashiguchi for the past year. I haven’t talked to Mr. Hashiguchi at all after the news report. When the suspicious documents were scattered in February of this year, four of us in the faction, including the secretariat, talked to him. But at that time, I was so preoccupied with the fact that the suspicious documents had been scattered that I don’t remember what kind of conversation we had.

Perhaps because of his resignation, Mr. Matsuda responded to questions without hesitation. He was paid 610,000 yen a month, or about 11 million yen a year. He repeatedly expressed his remorse, saying that he had betrayed his constituents and that he had not been conscious of the fact that he was paid that much.

Mr. Hashiguchi, on the other hand, made a startling evasion. When investigated by his faction, he said, “That article was fabricated by Mr. and Mrs. Matsuda in collusion with Friday to oust me, and the scoops were also fabricated. That is why I will not resign from the Diet. Also on Twitter

〈This time, a monstrous document and online article about me was published, but it is all speculation. I am consulting with the Nerima Police Department regarding the suspicious documents and with my lawyer regarding the articles in order to prove that the contents of the documents are perjury and forgery.

He seems to be maintaining his position that he was “framed. When we asked Matsuda about this point, he replied, “I am not in a position to say,” and continued, “It was a short period of two months.

I asked Mr. Matsuda about this point, and he replied, “I am not in a position to say, but it is true that we were together for a short period of time, two months. I asked her out, and although we both had families, we were definitely in a relationship. We also went to a private open-air bath together in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, after I helped with the election in Machida City. What Ms. Hashiguchi does is up to her, but I would like her to acknowledge the fact as a fact.

Immediately after the discovery, we talked about breaking up. Ms. Hashiguchi started crying, saying she did not want to break up with me. I asked her to please understand, but she started crying, and I think the repetition continued for a week or two.

There was one time when we happened to leave the assembly together and were alone in the waiting room when Ms. Hashiguchi suddenly started crying, saying she did not want to part with me. When I calmed her down and returned to my seat, I may have caused some unforeseen misunderstanding.”

Takashi Tachibana, 55, leader of the N-Kokoku party, to which Matsuda belongs, thinks outside the box and does not even see the affair as a problem. Immediately after the news report, he went directly to Mr. Tachibana to apologize, and he was out of sorts.

Mr. Tachibana showed no sign of concern and said, “If Miki-san says she won’t divorce me, then I won’t make a problem out of it, even if it’s just an affair. It’s not like I’m breaking the law or causing trouble for others. Well, I’ll have an affair at least. It’s normal (and other people do it too). If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to tell me,” he said generously. Nevertheless, I told him that if I continued, I would cause trouble for other candidates, and as a public figure, I receive taxpayer money, so I told him I was stepping down.

As for his current life after resigning, he said, “I have always been in the real estate rental business.

I have always been in the real estate rental business, so I would like to support that business and the N Party election from behind the scenes. I like Mr. Tachibana, so I would like to continue to be involved with him. When it comes to elections, detailed office work such as arranging offices and posters is necessary. I would like to help Mr. Tachibana to materialize his election strategy.

Miki said, “I have been a voter supporter for a year.

My husband resigned after coming to terms with the fact that he had been having an affair with another council member for a year, concealing it from his constituents. We had many fights and a lot of sadness, but we are now living happily as a couple.

It is up to Mr. Matsuda to decide whether the rain will solidify the ground, or whether it will be a complete reversal of the situation.

In response to the magazine’s article, Mr. Hashiguchi responded on Twitter as follows.
When asked about Hashiguchi’s reaction, Matsuda responded with a surprised, “Really? He was surprised.
  • Interview and text by Daisuke Iwasaki Daisuke Iwasaki

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