Reina Sumi, Kasumi Mori, Ayumi Hirodo, and Yurika Mita… “Popular Announcers Who Turned Freelance” – Their “Treasured Photos” All Revealed! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Sumi, Kasumi Mori, Ayumi Hirodo, and Yurika Mita… “Popular Announcers Who Turned Freelance” – Their “Treasured Photos” All Revealed!

After becoming freelance, they have become indispensable figures on TV as newscasters and actresses.

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Kasumi Mori (27) June 17, 2022

She has appeared on TV TOKYO’s “FOOT×BRAIN” and “Winning Horse Racing” programs, and was expected to be “post-Washimi. On this day, she was on location at Tokyo Racecourse for a live broadcast of “Winning Horse Racing. I was impressed by her charming demeanor from start to finish.

This spring, many female announcers are heading to a new stage of their careers. Fuji Television’s Yurika Mita (35), Asahi Broadcasting Corporation’s Ayumi Hirodo (31), and TV Tokyo’s Kasumi Mori (27), who announced their resignations at the end of this fiscal year, all have the ability and talent to have been popular announcers. The announcement of their departures was commented on by female TV announcer critic Daijiro Maruyama.

Mori is still young at only 27 years old, while many female TV announcers become freelance when they are in their early 30s. She is still young at only 27 years old, and her career path after leaving the company is as an influencer, which is quite unusual. Mori has more than 900,000 followers on social networking sites, and the number of views of the times she has performed a song on TV TOKYO’s YouTube channel has reached 2 million. Perhaps it has given her the confidence to work as an influencer.”

Why do female TV announcers quit their jobs around the age of 30? Mr. Maruyama continues.

“Announcers’ exposure tends to decrease as they enter their thirties. Many skilled and popular announcers feel the limits of staying at the station and go freelance. Hirodo Ana’s departure from the station would be a perfect example of this pattern. These days, there are countless opportunities to be active even after leaving a bureau. In fact, Minami Tanaka (36) and Reina Sumi (32) have actually achieved stage advancement as actresses and models after turning freelance.”

Popular female TV announcers cannot remain as fresh as they once were. We look forward to seeing how she has matured and become more fulfilled after her transition.

Reina Sumi (32) January 10 & 17, 2020

She left TV TOKYO in 2008. This magazine caught Sumi coming out of her favorite gym. She was once reported to have an affair with her boss at work, but since going freelance, she has released a photo book and appeared in TV dramas, making her a multi-talented actress.

Ayumi Hirodo (31) September 9, 2016

Ayumi Hirodo, who was in charge of high school baseball from her first year at Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, was called the “Goddess of Koshien. Although she was a local announcer in the Kinki region, she was well known nationwide. Her dedication can be seen in the way she runs to cover the game even in the semifinals under the blazing sun.

Yurika Mita (35) February 14, 2020

Yurika Mita rushes to the station to appear on Fuji’s Sunday night news program “Mr. Sunday. Mita-pan,” who has been a mainstay of the news program, got married in 2008 and is expecting her first child this spring. She will concentrate on raising her child for a while after leaving the station.

Ayako Kato (37) February 12, 2016

She left Fuji in ’16. When we asked her directly after the announcement of her resignation, she replied with a smile, “(Even if I quit Fuji), it’s totally fine! ‘ She replied with a smile. In September 2010, she graduated from “Live News It! which she was the main anchor for three and a half years, in September 2010, and has been cutting back on her work to “spend more time with my family.

Minami Tanaka (36) January 4/11, 2013 issue

Tanaka Minami left TBS in 2002. She still looks fresh in the photo taken when she was covering the opening of the House of Representatives election in 2012. Now, as a “beauty charisma,” she is actively involved in beauty-related work and enjoys the support of women. As an actress, she has appeared in dramas such as “Boyfriend Descending! (TV Asahi) and other dramas, and has a strong presence in the industry.

Misato Ugaki (31) January 20, 2017

She left TBS in ’19.’ In 2004, she was found to be dating Satoshi Inoo of “Hey! Say! JUMP. The photo shows an energetic Ugaki participating in a year-end party for “SUPER SOCCER,” the TV program she is in charge of, and having fun with her colleagues and staff. Since leaving the company, she has worked as a freelance announcer and actress, and has also published a collection of photo essays.

Yue Takeuchi (37) September 11, 2009

She left TV Asahi in ’19. The photo shows Takeuchi, in her second year with the company, appearing in a yukata at the “Roppongi Hills Bon Dance” held in August 2009. She was dancing on the tower in her yukata, looking shy, but still dancing well. She has now moved her base to Shizuoka, where she lives with her husband and eldest son while continuing to work as an announcer

Ayaka Ogawa (37) March 1, 2019

She left TV Asahi in ’19. Ogawa announcer as a rookie, running around the field in fresh clothes. She left when she got married and gave birth to her first child in ’20, but announced her divorce in ’21. Although her personal life continues to change, she is the face of “NEWS23” (TBS) and a driving force behind the program.

Aya Takashima (43) August 3, 2007

Retired from Fuji in ’10. She hosted the event “The Adventure King ’07” held in Odaiba in July 2007. Ana Takashima was smiling to the fans who came rushing in after the ceremony. In her personal life, she married Yujin Kitagawa of Yuzu in ’11 and gave birth to two children

Miho Ohashi (44) June 11, 2004

She left TV TOKYO in ’17. In 2004, she was found to be in a relationship with Yakult player Noriyuki Jouishi. She admitted the relationship to a direct interview with this magazine. She married Jyoishi in 2007 and divorced him in 2003. She later remarried an employee of TV TOKYO who is 11 years younger than her. Currently working as a freelance announcer.

Rio Hirai (40) September 3, 2010

She left Fuji Television in 2012. The photo shows her covering the Giants-Hanshin game for “Suport! Hirai is in charge of the game between the Giants and the Hanshin Tigers. She married a Fuji employee in 2012 and gave birth to a baby girl in 2005, but announced her divorce at the end of last year. She is now a freelance TV announcer. In 2003, she published an essay, “Running for Fun! was published in 2003.

Hitomi Nakamura (43) July 8, 2005

She left Fuji in 2005. She was a guest speaker at the “Let’s! Terrestrial Digital ’05 Summer” campaign in Tokyo. She married Kazuki Otake of “Wandering” in 2011. She is currently a mother of three children and continues to work as a freelance announcer on TV and radio while raising her children.

From the March 3 and 10, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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