Lakers’ Rui Yamura and a “celebrity beauty” on a “Japanese date” at an upscale restaurant in Malibu Beach. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Lakers’ Rui Yamura and a “celebrity beauty” on a “Japanese date” at an upscale restaurant in Malibu Beach.

The owner of the restaurant is Robert De Niro. One month after his sudden transfer to the prestigious Lakers, he has already been "baptized"!

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On February 23, Yamura enjoyed a meal at a restaurant with a beautiful seascape during the daytime and difficult reservations, frequented by Hollywood celebrities.

A man and a woman came out after dinner from a celebrity restaurant near Malibu Beach, about 60 minutes by car from the center of Los Angeles, where they could enjoy a superb sunset. The man with the imposing physique is Rui Yamura (25) of the Los Angeles Lakers. A beautiful woman with shapely legs is walking a little behind him.

She looks like Ashley Albano (22), an Instagrammer who was rumored to be in a relationship in 2008. …… says Taibo Ibuki, a journalist living in the United States.

”Albano and I already broke up.” She reportedly moved in with model Briana Delgado, 29, in 21 years. From reports here, it seems that they are still dating. …… NBA players are quite high class in the US. They interact very actively with celebrities and influencers.”

Nobu,” which Yamura visited this time, is a Japanese restaurant owned by actor Robert De Niro. There are 55 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. The minimum price is 50,000 yen per person.

Malibu is one of the most popular spots in L.A., and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a celebrity district on par with Beverly Hills. It is also famous for being home to many Hollywood celebrities, including Julia Roberts (55), Paris Hilton (42), Lady Gaga (36), and Leonardo DiCaprio (48),” said Ibuki.

In January of this year, Hachimura was traded from the Wizards, where he was a first-round draft pick, to the prestigious 17-time champion Lakers. Just one month after his trade, he was baptized by the paparazzi and joined the ranks of the stars, as sportswriter Daisuke Sugiura explains.

The Lakers were an absolute powerhouse with superstars LeBron James (38) and Anthony Davis (29), but they had few players with size and scoring ability, and their winning record was not improving. Therefore, we acquired Hachimura to reinforce the team. However, the team needed a player who was good at long range who could hit three-pointers, but Yamura is good at intermediate range. He did not fit in with the team as well as we thought. Recently, he has fallen out of the starting lineup. However, the trade has certainly boosted Hachimura’s motivation. The move to the Lakers will also sell his name. If he can fit in better with LeBron and help the team win more games, I think it will help Hachimura’s reputation and help his own future.”

Next, I hope she will step into the limelight with her day job.

The celebrity beauty walked behind Yamura with her beautiful, slender legs peeking out from her black skirt and her head down.
Yamura’s favorite car, the Lamborghini Urus, is the world’s first super SUV launched by the company and is priced at about 28 million yen.

From the March 17, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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