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Kei Komuro and Mako Mako’s Marriage – The Latest News from Their Mother Kayo

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Kayo on her way to the cake shop where she works in April 2006.

Kei Komuro’s return to Japan after a three-year and two-month absence was eagerly awaited not only by his wife, Mako. Her mother, Kayo, was one of them.

“Kei flew directly from Narita Airport to his home in Yokohama, but Kayo seemed to have put a lot of effort into welcoming her son. I heard that she had made careful preparations, including having food and other supplies delivered in advance.

As has already been reported, Kayo has been criminally accused of fraud by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office.

“There are two main charges against her. One of them is about the survivor’s pension that Kayo’s husband received after his death in March 2002. To put it bluntly, this money will be waived when Kayo remarries or becomes de facto married. After her husband’s death, it is said that Ms. Kayo continued to receive the pension despite the fact that she was living with a metal engraver in her apartment and had a former fiancé.

In a document distributed at a recent press conference, Mr. Komuro referred to this matter only, saying, “There is no such fact.

As he was not allowed to have a question-and-answer session with reporters, we don’t know any more about the specifics, but anyway, another accusation is about “illegal receipt of sickness and injury benefits” related to Karuizawa, Nagano. In the spring of 2018, Kayo was diagnosed with adjustment disorder by a psychosomatic physician in charge of mental health. She took a leave of absence from her full-time job at a cake store in Tokyo and applied for an injury and illness allowance from the Tokyo Confectionery Health Insurance Association, which her company is a member of, and received it for a year and a half.

“However, during this time, it was reported that Kayo had been working at a coffee shop and restaurant in Karuizawa run by an acquaintance.

If the accusation is accepted, an investigation will be launched and the authorities are expected to interview Ms. Kayo. ・・・・・・

“If the complaint is accepted, an investigation will be launched and the authorities are expected to interview Kayo. “Kayo is of the opinion that there is no particular problem with the criminal complaint, or rather the two cases that are alleged to constitute the complaint, and it seems that this has not changed.

As for Kayo’s recent situation, a member of the Akishino family who is well-informed about the situation reveals, “After Kei came back to Japan, Kayo’s family was in a state of shock.

“It’s been a long time since Kei came back to Japan and spent the waiting period for the new Covid-19 at home with Kayo and her grandfather, so Kayo’s spirits have been lifted. It was natural for her to feel uplifted because she was going to be reunited with her beloved son after a long time. However, with her ups and downs intensifying, she was overly prepared for Kei’s return to Japan, and I heard that she was in a state of emptiness afterwards.

The source continued.

“It seems that she has decided to quit the cake store where she worked for a long time. She has to find a new job, but due to her emotional ups and downs, she can’t get out of bed very often, and some days she can’t even do her housework, making it difficult for her to work outside the home. If it was a desk job where she didn’t have to see anyone, she could probably handle it, but there is only so much she can do, and the stress of a new work environment is too much.

Recently, Kayo has been complaining of pain in various parts of her body and has been visiting a clinic regularly.

“She has also resorted to expensive self-pay treatments at the clinic, so she should really be working, but I guess the doctor has stopped. I heard that for a while she will have to live on the pension provided to her father.

I wonder if Kayo will ever have a peaceful life.

  • Photo Yasuko Sakaguchi

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