Whether in news or variety…TV Asahi’s Toru Tamagawa: “Entertainment Professionals and TV Stations” likely to move to acquire him after his retirement. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Whether in news or variety…TV Asahi’s Toru Tamagawa: “Entertainment Professionals and TV Stations” likely to move to acquire him after his retirement.

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Tamagawa works for TV Asahi (Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro)

TV Asahi’s Toru Tamagawa, who has become well-known as a commentator on “The Shinichi Hatori Morning Show,” is currently creating a stir in the TV world. He is set to retire this year at the age of 60, and TV stations and entertainment production companies are reportedly beginning to make moves to acquire him.

He has to make it clear whether he will become a contract employee or leave the company when he reaches the 60-year old retirement age. Even if he were to remain at TV Asahi, his annual income would probably be 3-4 million yen, less than a quarter of what he made during his working years. If that is the case, there are growing expectations that she should go freelance and make a name for herself.

On February 21, the “Morning Show” featured a perfectly timed discussion of Tamagawa’s retirement.

The topic on the “Morning Show” on February 21 was Tamagawa’s retirement. When we asked ‘Chat GPT’ about Mr. Tamagawa’s post-retirement plans, it offered four possibilities: one was to become a commentator, the second was to give lectures, the third was to write, and the fourth was to contribute to society by participating in NPOs and local volunteer activities.

(The same applies.) “We don’t want you to be in debt to us.

Mr. Tamagawa is likely to be in increasing demand as a freelance journalist after retirement (from the “Morning Show” website).

Mr. Tamagawa seemed unconcerned about the fact that he had been offered the possibility of working as a freelancer instead of retiring. With a big smile on his face, he commented, “I’m not going to retire, but I’m going to work.

The social contribution activities were a real eye-opener for me. From now on, it’s about giving back, isn’t it? I thought that speaking on this program would be a way of giving back and benefiting society.

The host, Announcer Hatori, then interrupted and said, “I hope you will not return the favor. The question of Mr. Tamagawa’s retirement turned into a laugh.

I heard that it was Hatori’s idea to make a joke about Mr. Tamagawa’s retirement. I heard that it was Hatori’s idea to make a joke about Mr. Tamagawa’s retirement,” said Hatori. Hatori did an admirable job of making it funny and summarizing it as a story.

Naturally, Mr. Tamagawa would have agreed to take up the retirement issue. It may be because he trusts Hatori, and at the same time, he is prepared to become independent after his retirement.

Hatori often teases Tamagawa and makes him laugh, indicating the trust between the two. Perhaps this relationship is reflected in their relationship. The entertainment production company Takeoff, to which Hatori and others belong, is said to be serious about acquiring Tamagawa after his retirement.

I think there is a high possibility. Hatori is very fond of Mr. Tamagawa and is said to have introduced him to Seiji Miyane, who also serves as an executive at Takeoff. There are even rumors flying around that there is even concrete talk of a 100 million yen contract. That is how valuable Mr. Tamagawa is as a freelancer.

There are other organizations that have expressed interest in Mr. Tamagawa. One name that has been mentioned is TBS. There is talk that he will be chosen to anchor “News 23,” which has been suffering from low viewer ratings and is being threatened with a major renewal.

One of TBS’s goals is to find a second Tetsuya Chikushi (a journalist who died in November 2008). Mr. Tamagawa would be a candidate for that job. Tamagawa is a good candidate for this position, because he has potential both as a journalist and as a commentator. If we ask him to anchor an information program or news report, we can expect high viewer ratings.

Ms. Tamagawa has proven that she can also apply her skills to variety shows through her teasing of Announcer Hatori. A presence that can handle both hard and soft topics would be valuable to the TV industry. He may even be able to aim for the position of Akira Ikegami or Osamu Hayashi.

After retirement, Mr. Tamagawa may enter a new era.

The cast of “The Morning Show” during a commercial. Mr. Tamagawa is in the foreground.
Tamagawa works for TV Asahi (Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro)
Tamagawa’s TV Asahi (Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro)
  • Photo Shinya Nishizaki Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro

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