Yukina Kinoshita’s “Chorise! The determination to the comeback told with the pose. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “Chorise! The determination to the comeback told with the pose.

The "tapioca intimidation case" is settled by the compensation order of 400,000 yen & the apology animation of the tears is published, and the possibility of the entertainment industry return is thoroughly covered!

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Yukina responded to the direct hit with a smile, demonstrating her natural service spirit. She responded to the photo with a determined pose.

“In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

The present disturbance which began from having sent the message which was like threats such as “a good old hag” and “I will do it by the whole office” to Mr. A, the manager of the tapioca store in which a real sister worked in the autumn of ’19. In July of last year, Yukina announced her retirement from the entertainment industry by taking responsibility for the series of events. On the other hand, in September of the same year, Ms. A had filed a claim for damages of 10 million yen, including compensation for mental anguish.

The day after the verdict, Yukkina posted an 8-minute video titled “About this report” on her newly opened YouTube channel. She tearfully apologized and said

“I really wanted to stand in front of everyone and work, and I thought about various jobs for the past two years, but I decided that this is the only job I can do.

I thought about various jobs for the past two years, but I decided that this is the only job I can do.

At the end of October, I interviewed Yukina herself while she was out. She was out with a friend of hers, but when I approached her, she opened the window of the driver’s seat and responded.

This is Friday. I’d like to talk to you.

“I was scared (when you suddenly followed me).”

— “Can you tell us a little bit about your future?

“I’ll do my best for my child! That’s it!”

When I asked for a photo, Yukina responded with her signature “chorise” pose. She then closed the driver’s window and drove away briskly.

Is there any chance of her returning to the entertainment industry?

The apology video uploaded on YouTube had over 3.4 million views as of November 3, five days after its release. However, the ratings were harsh, with more than 100,000 low ratings, about 10 times the number of high ratings. A mid-level employee of Fuji Television Network, Inc.

We produced “Quiz! Hexagon II,” which gave him his breakthrough, but honestly speaking, the evaluation within the station is severe. At this point, I think the chances of her returning to the entertainment industry are quite low. First of all, she doesn’t have the support of the female audience in their 20s to 50s, which is the main audience for TV. Furthermore, there is the issue of sponsors. Even in the past two years, she has created an image of “flaming” by repeatedly making controversial posts on SNS, and sponsors are avoiding her. As long as she can’t get rid of that impression, it may be difficult for her to return.

Another TV station insider said that the change in Yukina’s character has hindered her comeback.

Another TV station insider said that the change in Yukina’s character has prevented her from returning to the show. “Her appeal was to speak her mind straightforwardly, but after the recent incident, it became difficult for her to show off that quality. Now that her strong personality has been lost, it may be difficult for her to suddenly appear on terrestrial TV. I think her activities for the time being will probably be centered on YouTube and Instagram. It may take some time, but if she continues to make steady efforts, she may be able to be as active as before.

In the first place, why did he make the sudden announcement of his return the day after the verdict? Mr. Yudai Noguchi, president of Irodori, a consulting firm for influencers, has this to say about the income that can be earned from social networking sites.

“For example, on Instagram, PR posts by celebrities are priced based on the number of followers they have. For example, on Instagram, a celebrity’s PR post is priced based on the number of followers she has. Since the minimum price is calculated at 0.5 yen per person, she can earn about 300,000 yen per post if she has 540,000 followers. Just by posting once a week, she can aim for a monthly income of 1 million yen. Depending on how you do it, you can aim for more than that.

Is she aiming for a full-fledged return to the entertainment industry, or is she going to pursue a different path? At this point, Yukina is not saying what exactly she will do. At this very moment, she is standing at a crossroads in her life.

As reported in the July 23 issue, she is in a relationship with Hidetoshi Miyuki, a J-league player. The relationship is going well, and there are days when the two of them take their children to and from school together.
Yukina proudly declares her passionate relationship with Miyuki. She was smiling and polite throughout the interview.

From “FRIDAY” November 19, 2021 issue

  • Photo by Masaaki Saito (2nd photo) Takayuki Ogawauchi (3rd photo)

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