Exclusive Scoop #2: The 35-Year-Old “Papa’s Life Affair” Partner Reveals the Lonely Face of Downtown’s Masanori Hamada | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Exclusive Scoop #2: The 35-Year-Old “Papa’s Life Affair” Partner Reveals the Lonely Face of Downtown’s Masanori Hamada

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A week after the affair report, Hamada gets into his pickup truck at the end of a recording session. His partner and wife, along with the TV, were also unmoved by the reports of the affair.

In late February, “Downtown DX” (NTV) was being recorded at a TV studio in Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, and when Masanori Hamada (59) came out of the lobby after work around 4:00 p.m., there were people, people, people behind him. There must have been 25 people, including the show’s producers, staff, and bigwigs from the sponsor companies. They bowed their heads in unison as Hamada got into the Alphard, the pick-up car. No one’s body, bent at a 90-degree angle, moved even a little – until the car disappeared from sight.

Although this magazine’s report revealed Hamada’s “daddy’s life affair,” in which he met secretly on four occasions with an esthetician 35 years his junior in Osaka and paid her a total of approximately 300,000 yen, his position in the entertainment world has not been shaken in the slightest. Papa’s life” has become a social problem, often resulting in trouble and incidents. Despite the fact that the topic has been covered extensively on wide-ranging TV shows in recent years, the TV stations have completely ignored the topic. As the scene at the beginning of this article shows, the TV stations have been “absolutely obedient.

Yoshimoto Kogyo decided immediately after Friday’s article came out that it would completely ignore the issue. Once that happened, the TV stations could not go against it. TV stations would not be able to resist, since Yoshimoto’s comedians have appeared on numerous TV programs. Surprisingly, Mr. Hamada himself is not even angry about the article. Rather, it is his wife, Natsumi Ogawa (60), that the staff is concerned about. As Hamada’s wife, she has a very strong voice in the company, and she calls President Akihiko Okamoto directly if something happens.

Ms. A, 24, an esthetician who confessed to having an affair with her father in the previous issue of this magazine, recounted her encounters with Hamada. Hamada made various requests to Ms. A in order to make her the kind of woman he wanted.

She said, “I had my bangs long at the time, but Hamada told me I should cut them, so I ended up with a haircut. He told me, ‘I’ve seen enough good women to know what I’m talking about,’ and gave me all kinds of advice on clothes, hair, and so on. He also warned me about how to use my wallet. He told me that I should put my bills in this order and that I should not keep unused cards in my wallet. He said, ‘Most young girls these days are unfaithful, but a girl like you who is not a sleaze is my type.

He seemed to have forgiven Ms. A., and they would sometimes “talk about work.

“When we were watching TV together at the hotel, he pointed at A, a half-Japanese celebrity, and said, ‘If you polish up, you can be that good too. He once said of the popular male idol K, ‘I don’t like that guy.

Hamada liked her so much that he asked her to take a vacation and come to Tokyo with him. For Hamada, the “king” of the group, the secret meetings with Mr. A, who treated him normally, may have been one of the few times he was able to show his true self.

The staff members kept bowing to the car in which Hamada got into. Hamada is said to always walk with his staff in a procession of lords and ladies during recording sessions.

Hamada and Ms. A’s LINE communication. The secret meeting was requested through S, a former comedian, and on the day of the meeting, the invitation was exchanged with A himself.
In late January, Mr. A answered our questions in Osaka City. She is a beautiful woman with big eyes, reminding us of his wife, Natsumi Ogawa.

The March 2 issue of “FRIDAY” (March 17) will report in detail Hamada’s “habits” as seen by Ms. A. The paid version of the website “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

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