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Kyary, Aimyon… Musicians’ love-date moments!

Selected by this magazine from the artists of the moment to the legends

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ♡ Shono Hayama, September 11, ’20

Kyary celebrated the 10th anniversary of her major label debut this summer. Last August, she was spotted with a handsome younger actor enjoying a walk with their dog “Ame-chan”. She has also been spotted many times on friendly visits to Disneyland with a mutual friend, or driving him to the supermarket for shopping.

Musicians are popular. That may be true for any age. In fact, this magazine has witnessed the dating scenes of various artists.

In early April of 2008, we spotted a couple entering an apartment building in a high-class residential area of Tokyo that is frequented by celebrities. The man is Satoru Iguchi (27), the vocalist of King Gnu. The girl next to him is “Ano” from the former “Yurumuru Mo! “(TV Asahi).

“Since Iguchi moved into her new house in March last year, the two have been living together half the time. Their eccentric performances, such as singing with the whites of their eyes peeled back, have attracted attention, but their personalities are introverted and they usually stay at home. They both profess to like video games, so they must have had the same interests.

Other sightings include Aimyon (26) and “Creephype” vocalist Sekikan Ozaki (36) chatting under the night sky, and “DISH//” vocalist and actor Takumi Kitamura (23) happily going back and forth to each other’s homes with an older woman.

We also reported on charismatic rock star Koji Miyamoto (55) of Elecassi, who has remained single, and his cohabitation with a beautiful young woman. In the past, he has also scooped on the love lives of Ayumi Hamasaki (42), Perfume, and Ayaka (33).

There was a real face that she never shows at her live performances or on TV.

King Gnu Iguchi Osamu ♡ Former Yuru Muru Mo! “Ano-chan
May 8 and 15, 2008 issue

Iguchi and “Ano” chan enjoyed an hour-long walk around a nearby convenience store and supermarket. Although she sometimes goes home, “Ano” has been staying in Iguchi’s apartment, and they have been living together for a while. Iguchi seems to trust her, and when she’s not at home, she sometimes receives deliveries on his behalf.

Aimyon ♡ Creep Hypes Sekikan Ozaki
Nov. 20, ’20

They started dating after performing together on the radio in the spring of ’18. They both like to drink and compose music. There were days when Ozaki waited alone for Aimyon to come home, as if she had been given a duplicate key. They were enjoying their semi-cohabitation life.
On the day after the blue moon, they gazed at the night sky together when they left Aimyon’s room.

Green Yellow Society Haruko Nagaya ♡ BIGMAMA Masato Kanai
December 4, ’20 issue

It all started with a live concert in Kyoto in October 2007. Nagaya is a beautiful vocalist who has been active in many fields, including appearing in TV dramas, but on that day, they went to a convenience store together and bought ice cream instead of green and yellow vegetables ……. After that, she disappeared to Kanai’s house.

Elephant Kashimashi, Koji Miyamoto ♡ ordinary woman
June 11, ’21

“Miyaji says he forgets to eat when he’s working, so she takes care of all the household chores and shopping for daily necessities so that he can concentrate on his music. Thanks to her devoted support, Miyaji has been actively involved in music, releasing cover albums and participating in festivals.
A beautiful woman coming out of Miyaji’s house. She goes grocery shopping every day.

Harumi Miyako ♡ Shigeru Yazaki
March 26 and April 2, 2009

A big star in the music industry who has been out of the limelight for more than five years has fallen in love with actor Shigeru Yazaki. Yazaki lives in a 5,000-yen-a-night hotel in Tohoku, and Miyako comes all the way from Tokyo to visit him.

Tomomi Hanahara, handsome event company president
July 30 and August 6, 2009 issue

In mid-July, she was spotted shopping at a convenience store with her son. In mid-July, she was seen shopping at a convenience store with her son, and the three of them were seen holding hands as they walked along.

DISH// Takumi Kitamura ♡ Beautiful office worker
July 17, 2008 issue

He and his older girlfriend, who was once featured in the media as the “too-beautiful secretary of the president,” made love while going back and forth to each other’s houses. She also seems to serve home-cooked meals and has been seen many times visiting Kitamura’s house with a bag full of shopping.
It seems that she has already left her loungewear at home, and the woman sometimes changes into rough clothes to go out.

Charan Po Lantern Momo♡Tutorial: Yoshimi Tokui
September 11, ’20

The relationship started because Tokui was a fan. They have been dating for more than three years, and the atmosphere between them on their way home from shopping is like that of a married couple.

Former Momoiro Clover Z, Anka Ariyasu, ♡ Psychiatrist
Feb. 22, ’19

She announced her relationship in February ’19 with a man who had been her doctor since before she graduated from Momoiro in ’18, and married him in November of the same year. Their forbidden love caused quite a stir.

From FRIDAY October 8 ,2021issue

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